Human Testing

 Human Testing References

Dec. 21, 2021:


1. DoD 5240.1R- (1982, 1986) Chapters 5 & 13, also see 2016 

   1a. Chapter 5 includes the use of signals language - Microwave, Radar, RF, and "other signals" in consensual and non-consensual surveillance testing.

   1b. Chapter 13 (procedure 13) may have been omitted or deleted since 2016. It is dedicated to Human testing and cites that even with consent it may damage a person's life permanently. 

   1c. Research all US Military, Intelligence, and reconnaissance instructions. This manual has been cited by US Airforce in instructions for Reconnaissance with relation to Drone surveillance and testing. In 2021, this document is no longer superfluous. There are first-hand reports of damaging, injurious, and torturous surveillance technologies that are or were tested without logs. Only coordinates are cited in some cases to identify only the origin of the surveillance and testing operation.  

2. PCT Definitions of Signals & Satellites, URL  : This page is a brief description of DNA patenting related signals 1970. This does not include new signals that have been discovered and/or patented since.

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