Currently, we are working on getting our fundraising campaigns going to order stock of merchandise.
  • Tshirts 
  • Stickers
  • for Summer: Yoga tanks
  • Coasters
  • We hoped to get it all out for Earthday 2020. And, it's tough to say that we will do it en masse before the summer due to the COVID2019 scare. So, In the meantime, AREAL
    t-shirts are available through the following link.
    It comes in Green, Burgundy, Heather Grey, and Red

    If you order a t-shirt and take a pic, please send it in or post it on AREAL's Facebook group.

    AREAL T-shirts are designed for protests and graphics.

    Near the heart, is small grey and white AREAL stamp is on the front. It's small because we figure when this is worn, it will be during a protest when you're holding a sign or banner. We don't use sticks for protests either.   Too often designs get lost behind these messages, so the Sproutfuel sunplate logo is on the back. And, a lot of thought went into making this logo friendly, positive, and updated. So, it's friendly enough to wear to the potlucks, beach, yoga, skateboarding, or to walk the dog or take out the recycling. 

         The website URL is tacked on the bottom so everyone can find this page. Even though there is a group on Facebook.

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