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There is a link between targeted individuals and the strange deaths or executions of their companion animals. It is possible that those Targeted Individuals who are infected with bio-toxins or bio-nano technologies may transfer these new experimental microbes to household animals. 
In 2021, there is an international terrestrial animal policy discussion about adding dogs and cats to the agricultural animals' policy for microbes. Please note: that in the USA, the Department of Agriculture also funds researchers in chimera and transgenic animal research.  


Launched a new website for International Targeted Individuals Day in 08/2021 
Freestanding sister site: TI Public Interest at  http://tipublicinterest.cabanova.com    has tools to research human rights, nano-tech and implants technologies, and topics of concern for letters and petitions. 

updated 11/29/2021 12:04AM

The Targeted Individuals movement is riddled with Patriots eager to direct escalated microagressions and practice traditional white privilege interactions and obtuse references to people of other ethnicities and national backgrounds. Everything from ridiculing others for not spouting bible verse and professing attachment to a Christian GOD to practically Decrying the world full of different religions the Work of Evil and Satanic worship. Surely if this movement so drenched in mental and physical anguishes and torture is to succeed as a civil rights movement;- the very victims and organizational heads need to use restraint on social media, and in person. All this is due to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

If you want to find a movement in the United States that has several leaders in hypocritical positions against others, while advocating for rights in an obscure arena of Directed Energy Weapons;- you have found it. Between 2016-2019 dozens of new organizations sprung up to support the growing number of people experiencing forms of targeting. 

After decades of direct experience observing organizations and movements;- this is not the kindest victims advocacy movement. Emotionally, spiritually, expect some of the same brutality that former POTUS Trump dished out. Difficult to advocate for human rights when MAGA board directors are tweeting pro-drone strike assassination material while campaigning for their own human rights after being victimized with DEW. IOW;- they advocate for the very thing they are essentially campaigning against in the USA homeland. Just a note of observation.

The Targeted Individuals community is like a vast washing machine of chaos to me.

AREAL Founder's opinon of Targeted Individuals movement and safety of activists
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