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Monday, July 24, 2023

The backlash today by DHS

While the white supremacists have been permitted to run rampant and attack me and my immediate family for decades;- I as an socially "isolated" person of Japanese descent am continually targeted by white extremists.
The trigger is a tweet (see below) of a document also found at iFunny.

I have a compassionate nature as an Japanese-American Buddhist.  Sproutfuel began as my response to the white extremist or white privileged domination of the vegan movement and non-European food industry and ongoing attacks, including gangstalking by local officials, post 9/11.  And also as a way to communicate to Japan how I perceive, and what I experience what is happening around me. 

 However, American mainstream culture has not permitted me to practice Buddhism in peace and without additional white privileged persons impacting me negatively. Everything I do, is in the context of American non-Japanese behavior. 
But, even when AREAL began, because I was accustomed to homemade Japanese Buddhist food called shojinryiri and literally was getting sick from the switch to American dining hall food.

The people and adults who introduced me to "Animal Rights" and "Greenpeace" were also white privileged persons, some whose UK/IRE/USA nationals family may have been involved in embezzling a property left to me by my US great-grandmother.

None the less, Mainstream AMERICAN CULTURE, has perpetually targeted me and my immediate family for being Japanese in their communities where my presence is unwelcome.

Today, here is the tweet that caught my attention and makes me realize the gravity of the "pushy Americans"https://twitter.com/iheartmindy/status/1683133015331950593?t=aA5i96JVSe2Ae7zOWxi3QQ&s=19

 who have gotten away with more than a laugh at the expense of my Siblings lives. And that there is no security for me in the USA from the ill treatment, persecution, and torture of the State Across involved now 53 years since my Japanese national mother was subjected to the first horrendous attack in the USA. 

I personally, am continuing work on my international complaint that has resulted in retaliation for the past 6 years.