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Saturday, November 25, 2023

3 crucial Patents and Targeting

Over the past decade I have done a lot of independent research. So for those who have supported me I am making this post because it incorporates some of my approach to the research on human targeting on all levels. One of the most critical patents I have found is one that encompasses and includes former patents on a chip making process and chips made in order to do this type of targeting. It embodies many things people have complained about related to everyday objects vehicles homes even the reflective film of vehicle windows can be made today to embody a sensor array and projector. Without being told however that these technologies have been deployed and testing is going on, it raises a lot of alarm in the public and for safety reasons as well as personal issues.
Well I have posted these patents and other technical information compiled by another activist, many of us have had servers on Discord to sort out these extenuating issues. So I have also made posts under collective civil rights organizations where I have little hope of a resolution. But simply to gain the knowledge and educate the public again is part of the battle. While some activists have already sided with technologists to improve the beamforming and eliminate the use of phones and other devices such as routers. This is of course without public consensus and after a great upheaval in the Civil Rights movement connected to individuals who are targeted. You might say that instead of being targeted that we are more silent about our private lives and the intersection of technology. So maybe we were a bit more resilient and scientific in our approach to the extensive human testing that we did not consent to. Some of this stems from our family involvement in Advanced technologies or defense technologies even if they were a close relative or a distant and uncle.
And again I appreciate those who have listened to me and found what I have said to be helpful and insightful. Yet it would be nice if I lived in a planet where people supported My overall activism as a test and proof of my dedication to rights causes. But that is not the case in these movements, especially in the United States.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Asylum or stay to fight hate?

Seeking asylum usually needs to be done from outside your country of nationality. And if you're a US citizen being persecuted, it's not easy to leave and gain asylum assistance and also obtain work permits. 
During the worst climates of public hatred being expressed-- it's important to manage life's basic necessities-- even with excessive intervention (overhandling) by polite and kind state officials whose offices have a track record with you of repeatedly constructing adverse and life threatening scenarios that sometimes include your family members cooperation. It's a dictatorship on the local level, Stazi or Lockstep styles included.

Many know this as a form of persecution because of the freedoms the US Constitution has to offer. Thus once a person makes their political or spiritual beliefs known, they are subjected to retaliation for their basic human rights. Why was there a constitution or UDHR?

 Many police and local officials in government have constituents who stand in opposition to different viewpoints whereas, living in " specialized communities" offers some protection from being singled out. It's a matter of them winning their elections in some cases, and the elaborate process of payment for these adverse actions goes unchecked as racketeering. It can especially include small cap companies that suddenly have a surge in their stock prices after the owners and executives complete a series or singular actions using the federal and/or local governments. (Identity theft not included)

 Those who seek asylum from the USA are "functional citizens". And because of this political framework being intact are denied asylum in other neighboring nations such as Canada.