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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Making a Human Rights Communication

List of 5 things below the definitions for this article:
Perpetrators and Attackers as any Government employee, official, or contractor (aka. State Actor) and includes public school officials, township commissions, police, CIA, NSA, military, etc.

Survivor -someone who has survived torture, psychological torture, assault, targeting, cultural violations, or any violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights by a Perpetrator and attacker aka. State Actor.

This is not legal advice. This is part of my experiences, as a new struggle against State Actors in the United States that can last a lifetime for First Generation Americans. And, it is part of a community conversation about putting information out to share how we, survivors of State targeting, survived the onslaught. 
Many survivors of USA or other targeting are left alone in the cold. There is a small body of work that is regularly shadow-banned for activists to work from as a guide. Though, over the past several years, fighting this has led to more activists creating videos to keep the stream of hope flowing. Some help phone, video, podcast lines have sprung up so there is a sense of normalization. However, they still don't insulate survivors from the abusers who login just to send attack energy at the survivors who have differing political or religious values. So, participating incognito is a precaution that should be taken. And, since some of the attackers (aka perpetrators) claim to be victims, the moderators aren't very aggressive to block them or set enforced rules for the online calls. I personally, find these calls to be very toxic, despite the positive intention. There needs to be a more secure environment for the diversity of survivors in USA especially, and all survivors of targeting.
The following is a list of simple and cost effective things that are tried and true. And, that can be done independent of a questionable group dynamic.
  • Breathing exercises are very very crucial. There are dozens, and some only take 15 seconds to complete. Some are more involved and go for 15 minutes to an hour. If there is only one thing you can change, DO THIS. New studies are proving that the brain needs to recover from toxic people. And, without proper care and positive, it's very structure can change. So,  breathing exercises initiate recovery from the spiritual interactions we have daily. We need to go deeper to heal completely. 
  • Keep a calendar just to put a RED slash through each day completed successfully. That is, not plugging appointments or critical meetings or tests in on it. And just letting that calendar be a representation of surviving another day successfully. You're here and that's all that matters, to you and to the multiplicity of survivors relying on your success. 
  • Say and/or listen to Affirmations while walking to or driving to work, school, a party, etc.
  • Meditate for any amount of time is great, however don't stay in a meditation group where members use the time to dish out work gripes and things they needed to get off their chest. This is a time where POSITIVE focus away from daily life needs to happen. It takes a lot to make adjustments in life, going outside or finding a quiet space at a library or park to do a page of spiritual reading and have unadulterated quiet.
Being an adult survivor of extreme persecution by the USA, I've endured many many extremely toxic and life threatening events, people, communities, schools, churches, jobs, organizations, and the list goes on. It's not a simple matter of trial and error in trying to find my place in American society. It is very deliberate attacks from USA's state actors themselves that created my need to become an activist. So, for those reading this who are in their personal bubble of judging others experiences in the USA;- please step back because this isn't the place.

After spending over a dozen years dedicated to healing, self improvement, and recovering from the main body of negative instances from the Mainland USA;- It is very toxic to regurgitate those instances in Human Rights related letters to the United Nations. This is due to the lack of help from any USA human rights group. It is a LAST RESORT without a statute of limitations. But, in order for things to possibly improve, it must be done. For other survivors seeking help and putting their personal stories out there in the Internet;- please be careful.  Many of us have already found that this only opens up an entry by sly and clever perpetrators who take those experiences and seek to exploit the vigilant soul that is left in us.
Some survivors don't survive these new attacks. There would be no need to write to the United Nations under UNESCO 104ex or UN 1503 if  the devastating bulldozing attacks on a targets life didn't lead to eminent death. Some survivors, are fortunate and find new spaces and places to live and move on. While survivors new to this dialog are still trying to accept being victimized within a grand scale frame. That is, being part of something larger than we ever fathomed from a globalist perspective, and that there are others who endure the SAME EXACT THING with different state actors.

So, you might ask how does a person survive this? It does take tremendous dedication and very careful selection of who is allowed in one's life. To Accept the fact that a majority of people, will be toxic and not compassionate. So, this conversation is reserved for a time when sharing is a better positioning of the survivor's choosing. It's not to say one is a snowflake. Use your own judgment of what industries are included in the list of perpetrators, and don't take interactions with anyone from those industries lightly. Don't even think those malicious or snide comments don't impact a human being in the long run. Create safe space and distance, even from friends and lovers without completely isolating yourself. We all know isolation of the survivor is part of their game. So, if a friend is not helping in creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere;- keep the long run in your mind.

It is saying that the normal citizen is simply oblivious and won't be a good support. That is if you consider the Wojak meme a good representation of who has been the least toxic in your life. Basically, everyone else puts themselves in a protective bubble of judgement. Judgement that is toxic to a survivor who has the legal battle of formalities ahead.  It's difficult for them if not impossible to get on your level. Forget it, is a better expectation to keep.  Many responses they offer a survivor come off cheeky at best, and hurtful insight that comes off badly from the survivor's perspective and can spin them back into shutting down. There are months and years ahead to communicate with the United Nations once a process has been initiated. This isn't a short fight. There is still a delicate spiritual balance to respect for any survivor.

Monday, January 20, 2020


Sample of CEASE AND DESIST by Angela M. Kneale:

David J. Glawe, Under Secretary
Brian J. Murphy, Deputy Under Secretary
Office of Intelligence and Analysis
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Washington, D.C. 20528

January 20, 2020

Re: USA Fusion Centers, Richland Township police, Quakertown Police, Pennsylvania State Police, State Utilities company, and all other State Actors.

I request that you cease and desist your electronic harassment and surveillance, not limited to hacking my social media accounts in order threaten my life,and/or cover up perpetrators, and/or harm others to whom I have a social connection or relationship, not limited to psychological operations against my life that are illegal psychological torture under Article 32 of the Geneva Convention, but that also include identity theft with malicious intention to cause imminent distress in my life for which;- ie., theft of my Passport in Venice, Florida in 2000 before 9-11, as well as on Oahu, Hawaii in 2018.The 2000 incident of course being your psychological torture program that caused issue with the Nation of Japan not only by 2000, but also in the ensuing years due to the illegal Patriot Act of 2001 that forced Statelessness on me and violated more Human Rights Articles of the United Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of the United Nations. Additionally, all of those actions and many other international incidents that you and your state actors caused affected the Japan-USA Security Agreement.


I, Angela M. Kneale, demand that you halt now and into the future the mass surveillance and psychological torture intended to cause further imminent harm and financial distress to my life. I demand that now and forever you halt your illegal acts as you have been the perpetrators of breaking numerous laws of Aliens and Citizens, to the best of my knowledge as early as June 1970, with contempt of causing more international incidents with Japan. These acts are not limited to your Fusion Center,USPS, FBI, CIA, NSA, USAF, Local and State police, Contracted companies and private individuals under USCA 50 for surveillance purposes, Public Schools, Government affiliated Town Libraries, Township Planning Commissions, or Township Engineering offices, State Operated Employment personnel, and all other State and Government services and offices and their employ.

18 U.S. Code § 2381; Treason.
18 U.S. Code § 2340; (c) Conspiracy to commit torture.
18 U.S. Code § 2382; Misprision of Treason.
18 U.S. Code § 2384; Seditious Conspiracy.
18 U.S. Code § 2389; Recruiting for service against the United States.
18 U.S. Code § 241; Conspiracy to Deprive Constitutional Rights;
18 U.S. Code § 242; Deprivation of Constitutional Rights;
18 USC § 2261A Interstate Stalking,
18 USC § 875(c) Interstate Communications,
47 USC § 223(a)(1)(c) Harassing Telephone Calls
18 U.S. Code § 1961; Organized Crime Control Act of 1980. (RICO)

Saturday, January 18, 2020

AREAL Suggested Reading

Education is part of AREAL's Mission;- Some of the Books Listed were for members to read as college students worked through independent film, media, anti-vivisection, and other projects. The main required reading list fit for most campus projects and gave a variety of viewpoints.
The remaining list was updated as part of the ongoing mission and founder's vison to create an original project while studying with Green Corps at University Of Montana, Missoula long ago.
Obviously, Cointelpro and USA intelligence interfered starting 1996 heavily...whole nother story about never loosing the vision...blah blah blah.

These are listed especially for those unfamiliar with the arguments of Animal Rights and Laboratory. This page will be updated and linked to Volunteer. 

Required reading:

Animal Experimentation, The Moral Issues -- Robert M. Baird & Stuart E. Rosenbaum, Prometheus Books 1991

Other Reading: 

Interacting with others

How to be an Adult in Relationships - by David Richco - Shambhala Publications Inc., 2002

Animal Rights

Animals and Women - Feminist Theoretical Explorations, Edited by Carol J. Adams & Josephine

Donovan, Duke University Press, 1995

Rain Without Thunder - by Gary Francione- The Ideology of the Animal Rights Movement, Temple University Press, 1996

Spirituality & Mysticism

The Work of Bruno Groning During his lifetime and Today - by Thomas Eich - Greta Hausler GmbH Verlag 2003

Matters of Life and Death - Edited by Tom Regan - Random House, 1980

Human Rights

1. A Peace Reader - by Fahey and Armstrong - Paulist Press 1992

2. Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream - by Robert I. Simon - American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., 2008

3. Victims of Cruelty - by Maryana Eckenberg, North Atlantic Books, 2000


Earthforce! An Earth Warrior's Guide to Stategy 2nd Edition - by Captain Paul Watson, 2012

The Green Alternative - Creating an Ecological Future - by Brian Tokar, 1987 
Eco-Warriors: Understanding the Radical Environmental Movement by Rick Scarce, 1998. Original in Paperback. Updated First Edition, o.k.

Wilderness on the Rocks, by Howie Wolke, Ned Ludd Books, 1991

Friday, January 17, 2020

Activist Safety

Lets face it, Activism happens out of crisis. You can and must make sure whatever group or movement you are in cares about your safety. I know this sounds baffling to some people. It's true. I worked with several dozen national organizations in my early years of becoming an organizer. And, those organizations that did make member safety to and from events are the Best.

  1. Check-in with everyone or at least your main organizer to ensure they are at a location
  2.  Always UPDATE: Text them, and the group, where you when location is changed. ( and let them know you're going to a new location if it is a daylong protest) Many times, people loose interest in the group because they didn't meet up at 7AM and everyone moved on by 1PM to a new location.
  3. Don't expect everyone to have a sign, so make a few extra and bring them along.
    1.   Poster board with letter stencils and a permanent marker are a good start.
  4. DO Make sure everyone is OK. And assign at least 1 person to document in case an altercation arises. It's not safe to assume that every security person will respect you even if there is a permit.
  5. Ask everyone if they are o.k. when leaving the protest. It's safer to stay in a group and walk to cars parked nearby each other. That way you can ensure no one is left stranded if targeting affected their transportation (ie., vehicle was towed). 

Protest or Event Safety  is as simple as gathering everyone together at the end of a protest or event and directing attendees to a carpool or needed housing table where ride shares and housing sign up happens BEFORE attendees dissipate. And, it gives everyone the day to get acquainted. Not everyone, even if they have some money, is willing to sacrifice their last $300, till next payday, to get a hotel room or a ride share.
Though this is probably more obvious to  Millennial. There are a large number of Gen X'rs and Boomers, and even some of the Silent Generation;- Who ignore these things because they have the luxury of affording what they want on a credit card. So PLEASE! Don't leave your own hanging.

They came out to support a cause, and the cause is nothing without their support.
Even if its as simple as hosting an Apres Demo party at your house.

Showing participants that you are concerned for their safety helps take the stress out of the situation. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Targeting, Something to consider

Creating a community awareness narrative online. Does it compromise security?

Due to the evolving Trash dump affecting climate change. The DUMP IT and GO SHOPPING, mindset is now quietly supported by less visible online shopping.
And, It is worth ALOT OF MONEY to budding influencers to jump into social media streams to disrupt and divide ANY movement or following to change the flow of trash till the end of the millennium.

The Perpetrator Stamp. It Happens SO QUICKLY to Kill the competition. 
We have all seen it happen on Social Media. Especially Twitter.
A new follower just randomly reports against a site for reasons justified or unjustified, and whether or not the biometric scan took a hormone level to say;- NOT TODAY PMSer. Try again.

Please be considerate of others, unless of course you're a DeepState type infiltrator seeking your in and to dismantle established movement leaders. Of course, if you're not getting paid to slaughter the security of more self concious online users;- what are you doing?

Positives about Targeted Individuals Movement

This morning, the daily gratefulness journal, does include some who are able to use their personal technology in the Targeted Individuals movement. So, This is a list of the positive's

  1. Some caring individuals who offer moral support.
  2. Being able to meet with other Targeted Individuals to discuss situations.
  3. Being able to achieve some level of increased safety.
  4. Learning from other's personal successes. Every little bit counts
  5. Shielding advice

These are four things that Did offer some form of emotional, food, financial, or safety relief. Taking each day one step at a time is imperative to simply get through. Below are the things that make a difference in longevity and reducing stress daily as a single target, from my experience; 

  • Having someone who is looking out for you simply texts or DM's a message daily to check up on your status. It's very stressful to undergo alone. So even a daily check-in this way helps reduce the stress.
  • Getting a real nutritionist at your level (some work on sliding scale) to address personal requirements and needs. Though some are totally free and do podcast. Sometimes, nutritionists or Physical Training prep is actually several levels below what some of us need (as I learned). When nutrition isn't up to par for lifestyle plus targeting stress;- it can make functioning more difficult even if it seems "less expensive" and "more doable". The better nutrition plan does keep  positivity high! 
  • Breathing and Meditation;- Everyone knows this by now. And to actually DO IT!!! is really important. It doesn't matter if it's saying a mantra 3x to clear the energy, or a 10-15 minute round of box breathing while following the online video. It doesn't need to be a full fledged 2-4 hour spiritual meditation session, which I loved to do  from 5-7AM on the beach DAILY. Find the time, take the step and say the mantra. Great Stuff.
  • Fitness plan;- yes, go for that 15-20 min. walk or swim. Or, just get into it and walk 7 miles on the treadmill to take the mind off of things. Whatever it is that works for you. Even if it's stretches and crunches off the back of the tailgate. 
  • Write an escape plan ON YOUR OWN. Because whatever situation you're in that you want to leave needs one. And, it may take over a year to make it happen. So, be prepared to accept that its going to take inner strength and resilience to see through. I wrote my escape plan, and I did finally execute it. However, "the Grass is always greener" needs to really weigh heavily against This is not as perfect as I could make it, have I done my best? did I do everything I could (that I know works) to make it better?
    • This is because, if the Targeting continues when you move;- all the friends and contacts that you have now -- wont be able to help you. And, you will be in a new place where trusting everyone all at once is ALOT more stress to take on. Moving is one of the top three stressors in life. So, now that I've done it as a Target, I do regret forcing my move because I wasn't prepared for the timing to be over 7 months off after relocating. I miss my co-workers and friends so, this move wasn't planned right. 
    • All of the issues of being targeted and loosing family and friends;- if it's not happening, if your friends are there, and there is moral and other support;- DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED or as INCONSEQUENTIAL. Because in Reality;- It is A ton of support if you're headed to a place of ground zero. 

Hopefully, this gives you my POSITIVES about the Targeted Individual Movement. Also, don't psyche yourself out too much. But do make the most of life's basics;- what I call the 4 F's (fitness, friendship, fun, food) to improve the situation. 

Peace out, 
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Improvements to USA charitable work

USA has an ever growing divide between ultra wealthy and true undesirable homelessness. The progressive face of volunteer organizations is not so progressive. Imagine being on the cusp of poverty and volunteering 20hours a week or more to charitable causes. The poor have become the "slave labor" for volunteer organizations. Aside from some programs run for a small number of recent college graduates, there is no upside to volunteering for millions of Americans who sit at home watching political debates. Community Churches are being set aside for the true humanitarian and Environmental disaster that was created from decades of insulated issues.
By requiring Americans to put five hours a month into volunteerism would take some strain off the shorthanded volunteer situation that affects many organizations. To engage the American population at large in volunteering with focus on giving equal man hours to disabled Veterans, homeless, environment, women's crisis centers and other human rights focused issues will also educate Americans to the plight of those in humanitarian arena. And, to turn a small portion of the month into a way to hopefully;- help reduce crime.
I propose a cyclical round of service where volunteers are able to do simple tasks;- ie. Street cleanup, handing out blankets, serving in soup kitchen, etc. At a variety of organizations yearlong. Besides ungluing the reccomendations from employers alone, Being an actively good citizen should be on every American's resume.
Too often minorities and women are the only ones, too heavily relied on to inherit these massive public issues.
I studied multiple organizations throughout my life, and what causes burnout with strongly motivated and good willed organizers. Discovering that it is not only the lack of funding;- but also the general spiteful contempt of the working class that adds to the burden.
Many of us who are or were community organizers continuously have to restart due to the regular verbal and emotional stoning our volunters and co-workers receive from the US community. Unusually resilient organizations also can benefit from the added man hours to give 1st hand knowledge of issues to voter constituents.

2020 Reflections on Peace on Earth

The definition of Peace on Earth is no longer a non-violent practice by modern humanity. This is Globalist gaslighting at it's finest. Where non-violent agreements and measures are ignored by citizens as a practice of individual religious freedom. 

2020 Reflections 130-145;

All of human material life is finite. However, the Spiritual agenda should not hasten this existence of individuals and groups of legally defined biological organisms, humans, wetware, and patented life that is targeted for genocide. This are seemingly covert operations of both religious and military DNA discrimination.
While there are profound leaps in technology to put DNA into a spiritual framework;- the genetic memory of human survivors has evolved into a framework for creating and accessing the extremes of human biology to survive the atrocities of war.  While religions descended through history in heavily revised doctrines, these doctrines are adhered to by very few. It has become a doctrine of control and mistrust for those seeking to escape this newfound cage. 
There is a pure and simple issue of finite humanity, no matter if intended or not by any human being. The interconnectedness of existence in Earth realm is irrefutable. There is only expedient death without God or some unseen life force to bring us to salvation.

Public profession of one's religious should not incite war, violence or physical conflict of another. Conversely, non-violent tolerance of religious beliefs is needed from everyone.
The differences between religious freedom as a spiritual frame or lense through which to intercept life is a device to have an interaction. While human history has has always kept leaders who write their followers to violence; there are few, if any leaders who incite their their followers to violence;- the are few, if any leaders who incite their followers to Non-violence as a means to peace.
There are three types of peace-keepers of direct action today;
1. Violent mercenaries who take individual lives.
2. Non-violent humanitarians who rescue the wounded from physical and emotion harm.
3. Arbitrary third party who are able to move those endangered to safety to a calm ecosystem.

--- Reflection 130 regarding Technology;
Due to the exacting manipulation of political targets, it is no longer assumed a targeted individual can single handedly breach any type of electromagnetic attack.
And it is, as practiced by common perpetrators, increasingly easy for a child to achieve skills to dismantle an unsuspecting, remote person within 2years time. 
The old intelligence regime who sought to extract formidable immigrants and foreigners, violated many basic human rights with sleeper agents in the civil of realm. Or, they used a scapegoat to assume public blame in order to push thr targeted person to their legal jurisdiction. Additionally regarding persecution of similar people, such as foreigners who remained on Visa extensively; Intel was able, to again, domestically manipulate their new citizens in order to continue persecution, abuses, and public, social, psychological, financial, and physic tortures as well as numerous cultural and language freedom violations.

--- Reflection 131 regarding Political Community;
Isolated political development is ineffective two ways;
1. By cultists who control a group lead to terroristic action.
2. By hasty technology where controls on language expression are manipulated to create new leaders and replace the real actor.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

AREAL and the legal avocado

There is a legal approach in the USA that was used by several who sought to have personal gain and tread the edge of illegality. That is to say to see the edge of legal where criminal arrest would tip in court to to numerous flaws in evidence.
I heard this conversation while still attending Ithaca College and running AREAL back in the mid to late 1990's.

Back then, many were pro-hemp activists and also growing personal amounts of cannibis (quantities that a medical marijuana card covers in some states). It was a known fact and viewed as a more responsible approach to preserving the USA. Those who purchased marajuana, a "gateway" drug, from gangs and maffia on the street were shunned. That cartel & maffia industry that dominates US cities and towns was viewed as a decay of the fabric of the United States. And, many made the argument that the only way to fight it is to legalize marajuana.
The phrase "grown your own" was the slogan that ran along side AREAL that is and was focused on veganism and animal rights issues. "Grow your own" also meant that we helped low income community members establish normal vegtable gardens. And after 1996 we advocated for a more bioregional (buy local) approach to eating fruits and veggies. Especially due to the cost of perishable produce. Additionally, the avocado trend that took off after the "California roll" gained popularity wasn't in our normal shopping cart. In the mid 90's, we weren't focused on depleting the rainforests in South America through avocado purchases. 
Even I, yours truly was scolded for just one or two avocados by my very traditionally minded Japanese, immigrant mother. So, I didn't buy many avocados, California grown, or eat guacamole much before 2009 after I unexpectedly had to relocate to Hawaii. Even then, the coffee is local and avocados are local in Oahu. 
Both Japanese and European  culture focuses on bioregional concepts of food choices. Staying with the seasons, keeping long distance and international food shopping to a minimum.  However, even US culture views micro and macrobiotic as Japanese concepts to contort.  These eating styles were for regionally made and produced foods. And, to date, I have never seen a rice farm above the Mason Dixon line. Despite returning to my Japanese roots and rural hometown near the 40° latitude line with hectares of rice fields there is no equivalent in USA's Northeast. 
And sadly, due to the global genetically modified food issue USA's Monsanto created;- there are few unaltered and heirloom grains left for the climate. 
Sadly, due to the diversity of the USA there is a dichotomy;- that everyone tries diverse foods of other nations. This is basically USA (and now other nations) taking advantage of Low income economies. Its turned into a profitable US markup while depleting the resources of other people and nations. It does effect entire ecosystems. And, it has not created a greater acceptance of people who are from these nations. There is a big contrast that is dripping with human rights offenses, as well as destroying species of animals.
Times have changed. We need new solutions to the supply chain.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

part 2 AREAL founder's Opinion on Targeted Individuals movement

On non-consensual human testing:
It's like being a lab rat, ok. Despite your 5g mobile device and a 3D TV you are practically a luddite human. You can't even utter an intelligible sentence with technological terms to express your abnormalities and perception of reality (Obstacles-- try to find the terminology).

The Vegan movement has had the Cointelpro infiltration and influencers who market a path back to meat eating. I suppose, I'm more dedicated to staying as vegan as humanly possible than my adhering to my most recent foray into the targeted individuals paradigm.
Did I say paradigm? Ahem. 
Yes, PARA-DiGm. 
Though I'm not willing to give up my personal story framework of my life as an unwilling behavioral research project, the Targeted Paradigm is a tough pill to swallow. And, the Targeted Individual paradigm framework is generously laid out by none other than;- those who are or were former CIA, NSA or General Intelligence Community employees.
Ahem...(silence* ....anyone smell the manure stinking off the range?)
So enter the compassionate, and kind hearted whistleblowers who save lives and educate the global public of the extreme military surveillance planned against them.
___fade out___
There isn't or Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of tolerance gel in the Targeted Individuals (#ti) movement. It only takes a tweet or two to loose followers or be shadow banned. Even if it's a simple conflicting belief, meaning if you aren't Christian, don't go here saying that. Whether or not it's about religious freedom, politics, or other values that make up other movements such as Veganism;  ie., Vegan-wiccan, VEGAN-Buddhist, Vegan-Krishna, Vegan-Bahai, Vegan-Agnostic, Vegan-Satanist, Vegan-Christian, Vegan-Israeli, Vegan-Vegan, etc.

There is some Globalist plot to drive everyone on the planet back to God, however noone knows quite how.  Anyway, it seems there is little space to contest GOD in the #ti movement without loosing followers. There is narrowmindedness, disrespect, and backstabbing around every corner. And, again;- many of the followers are former or current state actors in law enforcement as well as defense industry buffs. So, if MI6 wants to take a bite out of NSA or someone's honeypot girlfriend;- the SHTF pretty quick and minions will jump off any following like a herd of lemmings who saw the last Jaws bigwave surf contest. (Pan out to squirrel suits base jumping and the bright sun)
There is some salvation. 
There are some highly technical, and somewhat trustworthy (free) e-books written by a former NASA engineer and author on how the higher technology portion of being targeted by USAF reconaissance satellites, cell & microwave towers, and gps system works.  
If you're into technical guide books, this is the place to look for answers. The author also happens to be heading up a new civil rights group out of Texas. And, in its infancy, there are several criticisms being dished out in social media outlets between board members and other reputable independent reporters and activists.
This, can be a big turnoff for those trying to embrace the #ti paradigm. Some realize the emminent threats and seize the day with the #ti civil rights organization's non-violent toolbox of skills that have been tried and true centuries past to effectively make change. 
Another breath of fresh air*
There is some support.
For those who actually were plummeted to the pits of being unseen during the 2004-2005 CIA split;- some Patriots are reaching out to support some #ti's.  It isn't massive help of resurrecting your entire life and business;- but it's enough to generally dodge the bullet marked SUICIDED and get some activism in for a day or a week longer.  Some are able to graciously allow others to couch surf for a night for Rally's or meetings. It is a movement, some couch surfing is included.
Some aren't as open to discussing their travesties due to the um...big stench of being too involved in intelligence or defense technology, while other normal civilians grapple with this bizarre turn of events in realizing our governments?, DeepState, human traffickers, illegal immigrants, cartel, Isil, corrupt former Intelligence working for (China?), Or the global military state (global defense industry) is doing this covertly, take your pick. Generally, all the above are considered boots on the ground Gangstalkers. 
So complicated.
Like I said, there isn't a whole lot of 'tolerance gel' though some are generally unnerved, and understandably so. Generally you may find, most are average diversity of outgoing American types before the polarizing intelligence fiasco that left some of us scrambling to put vegan dogfood on the dashboard for a good road warrior episode. 
However, if you followed the CIA split and some deceased or now imprisoned conspiracy activists and whistleblowers from a decade or more ago;- that group which spewed hours and hours of lectures and talk about the 4th Reich....part 3 is coming due.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Founder's opinions about Targeted Individuals.

The word targeted, normally applies to modern warfare. And, given the exhorbant budgets of militaries worldwide; we can't forget about military contractors as individuals, cartel and guerrila warfare specialists, fusion center police and even K-9. 
All of these types of paws or boots on the ground, are paired with drone swarms and surveillance and implants. And, as we roll into the second decade of the new Millennium;- wireless brain to computer interfaces (BCI) are emerging in new markets globally. 
I think you have to take a really cynical point of view perspective of the world to approach the Targeted Individuals movement. Most normal 9-5ers see the world as an easy-going place, exempt from warfare of any sort, and trust in their coworkers and communities to maintain stability. The world of a targeted individual is not this same world.
Targeted Individuals are a new tech savvy crew who claim to be harassed by the most modern warfare elements in remote weaponry. Due to constraints on centuries old definitions of torture, under difficult to phathom, military and international Torture definitions and statutes;- human rights itself is now at a major crux in evolution.  
How do we define what human rights are when technology is used to assassinate global leadership as seen in Iran at the turn of the 2020 decade? That is to say, how can we challenge human rights when  dead leaders cannot secure diplomatic representation in front of supranational audience  at the UN? It is a world where living victims of Electromagnetic (EMF) torture must prove the stealthy technology by patent numbers and medical evidences beyond full testimony.
Just as the US Army was known for testing weapons on dogs in the 1940's; the wireless, radar, and EMF range broadened the stage of testing both psychological operations and cyberoperations, as well as remote crowd control to attack or 'test' on low profile human targets.
The rewrites of the Patriot Act and FISA have also put many legal, 1st generation USA born citizens in an isolated, informal diplomatic and foreign agent status, if not full on espionage suspects guilty before tried. For those who no longer have family relations stretched across boundaries, they are involuntarily committed or imprisoned due to any cause for questioning wartime authority.

Something must give way. For 45 or 50 USA States plus Puerto Rico;- the knowledge of military and technology companies testing high technology aka., the Super Technology is still something the movies barely let one see in documentaries. These top secret or ATS classified persons and projects can also be black projects and experiments.
Yet there is noone who has been able to produce enticing, truthful documentaries amidst the Targeted Individuals running narrative on social media and video channels. 
And sadly, the (now adult) kids of CIA, Defense industry contractors, or USAF and other military related psychological operations are being judged harshly by the less technology adept and knowledgeable, yet luddite, professionals. Getting word out about brain to computer interfaces (BCI) and remote neural monitoring (RNM) across generations around the globe is devestating for some. That is despite full on academic majors at the most elite intellectual and financial institutions in fields of neurotech, nanotech, biotech, and EMF related fields.
This isn't even a transhumanist projection of assimilated hive mind with mechanical impants. This is the nano world, the psychic world of EMF and frequency. The best op is the unseen. 

AREAL activists have direct experiences of common targeting. And, with the rise of fiscal military state powering out the less aggressive, live and let live institutions, we as a society are loosing collectively;- not only constitutional freedoms, but also our governments that maintained a type of non-violent domestic order.

AREAL Targeted Individuals largely are accumulating information about being assaulted by what is perceived to be the development of these weapons. Though some Targeted Individuals believe that it is a full on conspiracy. 

Regardless;- new organizations and call in conferences, as well as small followings of online chat and video channels are springing up. And the perpetrator stamp is used when targeted individuals have conflicting values. 

Sadly, all of this does affect the companion animals of these targeted individuals. So someone needs to speak up for the animals who are going through a forced extinction Holocaust process that military grade directed energy weapons are using. And the fires have started because there are more strategic and/or critical minerals to mine for the same defense industry that started the blazes. It is not one military;- it is the face of multinational weapons and defense companies that we are up against.

Our stories are testimony to the effectiveness and horrorific torture of these modern EMF weapons of all caliburs;- from nanotech to handheld to mounted lazers to drones and space wars satellites. And we must be grateful for the testimonies of this enormous change in battlefield. Where there was once hand to hand warfare, humanity has progressed to remote warfare. Where civilians were once left out of the equation, Weapons of mass destruction have become the normal operations for international peace keeping
since USA terrorists dropped the first nuclear weapons on two entire Japanese cities. 

Please think long and hard before condemning the targeted individuals who have suffered silently for years and decades. Many are still fearful of loosing the normal foothold of their lives while others struggle to maintain basic human rights. Yet many suffer through their torture indoctrinated by learned helplessness as groomed and non-consenting test subjects of the defense industries experiments. And, still some wait decades before feeling confident to share their stories.