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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Targeting, Something to consider

Creating a community awareness narrative online. Does it compromise security?

Due to the evolving Trash dump affecting climate change. The DUMP IT and GO SHOPPING, mindset is now quietly supported by less visible online shopping.
And, It is worth ALOT OF MONEY to budding influencers to jump into social media streams to disrupt and divide ANY movement or following to change the flow of trash till the end of the millennium.

The Perpetrator Stamp. It Happens SO QUICKLY to Kill the competition. 
We have all seen it happen on Social Media. Especially Twitter.
A new follower just randomly reports against a site for reasons justified or unjustified, and whether or not the biometric scan took a hormone level to say;- NOT TODAY PMSer. Try again.

Please be considerate of others, unless of course you're a DeepState type infiltrator seeking your in and to dismantle established movement leaders. Of course, if you're not getting paid to slaughter the security of more self concious online users;- what are you doing?

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