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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Vivisection and V2k

 There is a way. It might be a very narrow path, yet when you find it-- cross the bridge.-- old folk saying.

The early v2k experimenters were documented in a book the "Radiohead Protocol" . The author's website is no longer standing. But, the publication 1st 20 pages tells a story behind the development of v2k. 

I can personally confirm that one of the names mentioned in the 1st 20 pages is valid as an inventor. And I know that he was not the only inventor of that class of  However it is mentioned with first and middle initials. I know this because ironically, the same person I knew in middle school- who plopped an Animal Times on our coffee table for me and stated she wasn't allowed to keep it-- the infamous Alex Pacheco with TNC snares in his hands photo on the cover. That same friend I had for nearly 20 years of a blonde haired blue eyed family tradition that rejected the man's race on the cover-- apparently was targeted for being a niece to the early v2k inventors-- inventors who had done vivisection experiments. 

So, as I have taken the past 6 years of my life to uncover the legal aspect and science around those who have perpetually used WMD, microwave, satellite inventions on me-- I was quite saddened to understand the context of this childhood friend.