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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Non-Consensual human tests (resources)

Researchers used a lazer injured mouse to measure clot growth with fibrin polymerization despite outrightly citing the faulty conditions of using a mouse (see card below).  https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/atvbaha.114.305054
Tomohiro KawanoMunehisa ShimamuraHironori NakagamiTatsuya IsoHiroshi KoriyamaShuko TakedaKosuke BabaTsutomu SasakiManabu SakaguchiRyuichi Morishita, and Hideki Mochizuki

Toxins, Chem trails, Morgellons and other  Documentation for international dissemination (torrent) visit Carnicom Institute at  https://www.carnicominstitute.org

Research paper - with Listen link -on the history of Morgellons Disease (MD) and similar ancient parasitic infections from museum mummies and samples. Mentions of 2012 CDC delusional (DI) decision and further MD  diagnosis requiring greater than 50x Microscopy magnification.
2021 CNET short demonstration video featuring Weather Modification gear at Santa Barbara, CA  station:- 

Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri  at Massachusetts School of Law 2010 about being human test subjects and tested products that still are unsafe 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Need for a Victim's Compensation fund

There is alot of talk and alot of poseur civil rights and environmental organizations that have sprung up through the years. Sadly, it causes infighting among dedicated activists who have specialties in relevant industry knowledge. The types of research activists and victims of non-consensual human tests investigate rivals the understanding of any single major University graduate in fields of law, Bio-tech, nanotech, materials engineering, telecom engineering, particle physics,  biology, bio-engineering, nutrition, and other fields relevant to forensics of each victim and group of victims. Needless to say, a pediatrician or family attorney is ill equipped to take on such cases-- even as a pro-bono endeavor.

The playing field is far from level. And the victims and civil rights organization that are seeking compensation for victims, are falling short. People are angry at where money is being donated and the help that victims receive.

They are angry because of what the US government has done to them by allowing unconstitutional conduct by all branches of the military, intelligence community, and it's trickle down factors through local officials and their "favored" family and friends. They have consistently bulldozed first generation Americans who are easily picked off because of the most obvious and blatantly discriminatory laws that include FISA since 1978. 

It did create a slippery slope. And it's tragic that slippery slope was created by former Intelligence Community leaders who now have seats on BOD for these civil rights organizations in their a retirement.

 And there is government impunity that obstructs any fair hearing to the supreme court. And the GS-95 form is only useable "with appropriate use" deemed by government agencies-- and it comes with a $5000 fine.

So when will be able to found our own victims compensation funds, accessible to victims of these horrific crimes against humanity? 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Write to pesticide companies for animals:

Outside of Hawaii and California, there is a severe lack of Asian language translators and Asian translations on toxic products such as pesticides and household cleaners.  In addition to pesticide testing that is halted on dogs in Japan, it would be nice to see the USA follow suit.

1. Write to chemical companies to put large warnings that these pesticides are not to be used around food preparation areas, in food, on bedding, on couches, and on pets.
Especially if it is a product like Roundup or other insect control products.

2. Write to chemical companies to put warnings to decrease hoarding and clutter  that adds to pest infestation;- and to list the pests/rodents. 

It's time that these companies that take animal and insect life, and pollute water and homes are held accountable. They must be required to include "pest prevention" instructions in multiple languages with their products. And even make hoarding videos on display in stores (online and real life) to show how deep infestation looks.

How to Save the Earth

There are many niches for people to save the earth today. Projects span from toxic and waste removal to nutrition that reduces animal exploitation and animal cruelty.

Eating plant based products has gained popularity recently. And, plant based diet changes have one of the biggest impacts on carbon emissions and pollution in addition to saving the animal life from suffering.  Those who are able to make longer and more oomprehensive commitments GO VEGAN!!!

Since our days in 1990s of bootlegging Dr. Colin Campbell's vegetarian nutrition book for his lone syllabus in the USA;- vegan nutrition has been embraced by nutritionists and MD's across the planet.
Here are some links to follow on your path and explorations in eating a compassionate plate. And if you're worried about carbohydrates, there are plenty of carbs in the works by these top doctors.

1. DR. TERRY SHINTANI  -  Creator of "The Peace Diet"Peace Diet at https://g.co/kgs/h86GC1 and involved in creating the vegan community with a nutrition degree. He is the author of several books and is involved in the Hawaii community: 
        https://www.vsh.org › newslet...PDF
Providing Vegetarian and Vegan options for Hawaii's Public School Students

2. Dr. Colin Campbell - Western pioneer of vegetarian nutrition courses and studies of Asian/China traditional and Buddhist food. Groundbreaking book "The China Study" https://nutritionstudies.org/
3. Dr. McDougall - Western MD with planet saving starch based (potato, corn, rice, beans) diet for most people including diabetics - with extensive video lectures online, thousands of recipes by he and his wife, and books. His online diet commitment asks for a minimum 3 years of dedication. Free McDougall Program 

There are many vegan organizations that make exclusive materials to help you eat better for a healthier planet. Please steer clear of excess and toxic packaging waste.
New products are brought to market everyday. 

There are plenty of Asian traditions and religions that promote vegetarian and vegan diets are still unfamiliar and taboo to Western culture. So, without changing religions- Western vegan organizations and western doctors offer ways to learn about the health benefits of eating vegan diet.

Other similar "vegan" diets can be found in culturally accepted monasteries and temples. And cutting out dairy and fish today is critical to heal the planet- our oceans are overfished, and there is significant pollution and waste from dairy farms. We need to heal the planet. And these commercial practices of mass harvesting and daily consumption must be reduced and eradicated.

No matter what age you are there are social groups of every age, race, and background. It's never too late to begin!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

my personal protocol

By Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale
This is a general outline that I share in my personal recovery story. 

1. Digestive enzymes
2. Finding toxins in blood
3. Microscopy - 
     Live Blood
     Dried Blood - electron - rental possible at some public universities
4. Reduce Parts Per Million in body
    Live blood donation - easily accessible
         For yourself only
    Plasma donation 
    New blood cells are produced within 3-4days. Also target rebuilding of new cells under supervision.
5.  Clean intestinal folds
         maintenance after colonic
     Drink natural ionic toxin binders:
          Chlorella / Chlorophyllins

 6. * Caution* some macro minerals are known to assist fibrin self assembly when nano-tech issues are involved.  Calcium, Iodine, Potassium, etc are commonly found in vegetarian diets and sport performance nutrition. Additional food/digest complications may arise from toxins involved in the circulatory system. Unexpected adverse reactions to food, coatings, chemicals, pesticides, and and other PPM of airborne particles MAY arise until the toxins PPM are sufficiently reduced.
  6.  Maintain alkaline balance with appropriate whole foods
     No citrus allergy - eat a whole organic lemon after fasting period.
     See alkaline foods lists by Edgar Cayce

Friday, April 22, 2022

the Torture cage experiments

Animal rights and human rights share crowded cage space throughout history. And to date, cages for species are symbols of oppression, injustice, torture, and impunity that should be abolished.

At the advent of Space programs, the confined transport of humans and animals became a covered biological position to represent the earth "out there. And many lives have been sacrificed in the process of developing technologies to aid space travel.

Animal rights and Human Rights are considered caged, even in a free society.
Engineers found ways to use highrises and laboratory cages as empty cavities where they can beam UHF signals from practically anywhere within reach. Why? Why would they want to drive animals and humans into psychological zombies? 

While animals are unable to speak about operations and implants, it seems unnecessary--  as doors shut on humans who have gone through similar non-consensual operations and received implants. Silenced. Censored. Deemed mentally ill. 

But the experimentation is very real. And symptoms are sometimes the only hard proof that a victim has, while being honest with themselves.

The victims are rising up against these injustices. And we need your support to help them. Please take time to use your social media and educate others about these atrocities.

There was a place on earth, where quiet existed. Where only the frequencies of nature nourished life on earth. We need to make our voices heard to fight the signalsdrowinf out life from over 30000 new satellites orbiting earth.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

HAPA minority leadership

Large national groups used to be a clearing house for pamphlets and national campaigns. However, Cointelpro style gangstalking has its roots in most rights related movements. Local minority grassroots organizers are vulnerable to having their group and reputation easily bulldozed by these national organizations. And it's even worse for 1st generation Americans with actual connections to supply chain. Civil rights movements in the USA are a clearinghouse for street level foreign policy. And competitive five eyes or local activists are easily prompted to escalate and change the radical nature of environment to devestate minority leadership. Do you know how subtle hate crimes happen inside of unregulated grassroots organizing efforts? I do, as a HAPA minority  who was sabotaged for 9solid years after I was accepted at a national activist level in 1996.
 Sometimes it's done using another local organization. And believe it or not, the Feds and Cointelpro use other unrelated groups to organize against new American minority leadership on unrelated issues.

In all of my years in the United States, the levels of disrespect by fellow activists escalated. Where they expect me to take the blame and do the hard work while they take the glory and white acceptance with financial support for their limited efforts.

Though I accept diversity, I am unable to say I condone these organizers. And the sealed wound, is a lesson in trust that has eroded forever. The lack of support transmuted into other movements and anti-asian foreign policy. It's so vehement today, it is life threatening. And the thing is-- that the majority of laboratory researchers are white majority. But organizers and activists will always target minorities -- because we are easy targets. And in solidarity, what does solidarity mean if it condones harm to minorities in the group?  Yet minority movements are condemned to accept trust from the majority. 

It's a very grey point to stand on and view the future. And minoritiy human rights are definitely overlooked and destroyed from within movements. It's designed to create hopelessness and pound people into the line of reluctance and subservience.

Targeted Individual/ Cointelpro

Recently, yours truly, Angela Kneale has shared parts of her targeting story with a group of international activists. The activists discuss non-consensual testing and surveillance that researchers use/used on them (including Bio-tech and nano-tech). 

 Angela is a Japanese-American nisei and haafu (mixed race) from Bucks County, PA where white supremacists and Bio-tech lab researchers targeted her since early childhood to recent years- despite a 9year hiatus in Hawaii.

The events leading up to the "disbanding" of AREAL due to a radical McVegan protest on October 26, 1996 in Ithaca, NY caught the attention of Clinton Boys that month.

This press release is part of AREAL's discreet history and archives.
A.R.E.A.L. once had the largest Animal Rights, Vegan, and Environmental related following in Ithaca, NY. And, our efforts helped to secure the Environmenal Studies program at Ithaca College. A program that was non-existent prior to our campaigns, and helped deter student study losses to more Radical environmental colleges and universities in the Western Conference.

The October 07, 1996 press release read: "Animal Rights Activists Target Cornell University labs arrests expected"

In the archives of boxes left behind, the lone press release reemerged. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Chants -

Looking for new protest chants:

Things are getting tricky to chant

PFAS -Nano spheres- Hybrid proteins

cRNAs, mRNAs got to go!
No more poly-me-rase!

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Mice & Rats

Climate change seems to have had an impact on the rodent populations in all climates. From the rat infestations of Australia destroying crops to the novelty of rats stealing pizza in a big city, rodents are everywhere. In tropical climates such as Hawaii, public signs to educate the transient population about rat-lung worm disease are posted at malls.

Please do not encourage rodent presence. Even with a compassionate heart, this type of imbalance can get out of hand in a season or two. Diffusing essential oils in the absence of companion animals can help deter the rodents while you're out.

As a vegan, there is an ethical choice to interfere or remove some of these pestilence carrying creatures far away with ethical traps. Some vegans dislike keeping cats, as cats are natural predators. And cats sometimes leave their prey injured and alive in the house.
But where do you draw the line as a vegan?

Being clean and healthy improves without pestilence. Some of us have witnessed the elderly acceptance of "animal rights" go overboard into accepting wild rodents and feeding them from their hand or imprinting bad habits of leaving food out for their rodent friends. The infestation of their homes and neighborhood can land them in a condemned building within 2-3years.
 Whether from of loneliness or as a political statement against vegans --Yes, this happens and may be a sign of mental illness in otherwise normal people. It has an unhappy ending with a rodent infestation. And rodents can chew through wires and cause electrical housefires.

Some places, like Hawaii;- are unsaleable after rats move in. Yes, it is said that way. The rats move in usually attacking the food, companion animals, and eventually  everyone.  Everyone can loose their home and property value to a kindhearted elderly mainlander who "made friends" with a smart rodent. The only natural predators to rats in the tropics are lurking 2 foot long millipede couples that are a rare site until a rat infested property is fumigated under a tent. 

Please, be careful. There are many live traps that can be built to remove the mice and rats alive. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Today, problems that we encounter with "the system" no longer follow a clear path to a functional "solution".

There are more options for those who commit crimes to go unconvicted. Yet the innocent and good hearted are punished with gradual to complete annihilation of their human rights.

It makes America what it is today. The capitalist work arounds for corporations and their executives to live beyond their means-- if no crimes were committed.

The USA nolonger represents what it once respresented in the world w is the the terms "Freedom", "Liberty", and "Justice" for all. It is sad to witness this world that I live in today. And to unravel nearly 50 years of crimes committed by older generations who passed on their criminal legacies to their network. 

Many survivors remain with broken hearts and finances and homes. And there is noone repairing the broken system. There are only new appointees for old positions.

Someday, things may change. Until that time, the world we witness today is at an end.

essential oils

Tis the season for changes in essential oils. Especially after holidays and with the onset of spring pollen and foliage. And some seem to help raise spirits with EO's in certain parts of the USA than others.

Most frequently used list for Hawaii differs from that for the northeastern USA.
Though some stay tried and true in the vegan EO kit. And some can be forgotten.

Most used all around:
1. Tea Tree
2. Lavender
3. Lemongrass
4. Oregano

Most used in Hawaii
1. Tea tree
2. Oregano
3. Frankincense
4. Geranium
5. Myhrr
6. Some Blends by brands

Most used in Northeast
1. Clove
2. Lavender
3. Tea Tree
4. Frankincense
5. Oregano

What's hardly used or diffused:
1. Vetiver
2. Blend for insect repellent
3. Majorum

Saturday, April 2, 2022

vegan treats made with purified water

Being vegan for decades can be expensive if you follow the newest trend every season. So getting back to nature and using what we already have, there are a few refreshing spiritual or aura rinses that are inexpensive treats.
1. Making hair tea blend to use as a rinse from evergreen needles and a favorite herbal tea. 

2. Frankincense water - grind frankincense resin and let it steep in boiling water and then let cool until ready to use. This is especially wonderful before meditation.
3. 32oz Purified water with 1tsp bentonite  clay in a bottle. This separates in a bottle so the extra clean water is at the top. Using a dropper to siphon off the pure water. This is wonderful for a water spritzer in a spray bottle, or simply on a cotton ball pad. 

The remaining clay water is gentle to use on a towel to use as a wipe. And, it can gently soak up the grease on cat hair from a soft cloth wipe down-- for those days the indoor cat gets too much lotion on them from other family members.