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Friday, April 22, 2022

the Torture cage experiments

Animal rights and human rights share crowded cage space throughout history. And to date, cages for species are symbols of oppression, injustice, torture, and impunity that should be abolished.

At the advent of Space programs, the confined transport of humans and animals became a covered biological position to represent the earth "out there. And many lives have been sacrificed in the process of developing technologies to aid space travel.

Animal rights and Human Rights are considered caged, even in a free society.
Engineers found ways to use highrises and laboratory cages as empty cavities where they can beam UHF signals from practically anywhere within reach. Why? Why would they want to drive animals and humans into psychological zombies? 

While animals are unable to speak about operations and implants, it seems unnecessary--  as doors shut on humans who have gone through similar non-consensual operations and received implants. Silenced. Censored. Deemed mentally ill. 

But the experimentation is very real. And symptoms are sometimes the only hard proof that a victim has, while being honest with themselves.

The victims are rising up against these injustices. And we need your support to help them. Please take time to use your social media and educate others about these atrocities.

There was a place on earth, where quiet existed. Where only the frequencies of nature nourished life on earth. We need to make our voices heard to fight the signalsdrowinf out life from over 30000 new satellites orbiting earth.

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