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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Dec. 21, 2021 Dr. Robert Duncan Q&A

Dr. Robert Duncan is the author of "Project Soul Catcher" which covers cybernetics in  2 volumes.  Dr. Duncan worked at DARPA previously and is considered a DARPA wistle-blower.  In an online zoom meeting hosted by Letty Daniel.  Dr. Duncan gives his time in a one-and-a-half-hour Q&A style interview with over 100 targeted individuals on Dec. 21, 2021.

 Targeted individuals are consensual and/or non-consensual (moreso non-consensual) human test subjects of defense-related technologies. Many are the sons or daughters, or extended family of the Defense industry, Military intelligence,  or Intelligence agency agents.

 Sproutfuel asks 2 questions at the end;- appx. 1:24:14 

Visit: https://youtu.be/F6MfEd8CzKU for the full interview or click below:

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

PCT Definitions of Signals & Satellites in Synthetic DNA patents

This page contains 15 definitions or keys from the Patent Cooperation Treaty pertaining to DNA and Signals. References are listed below with URLs.

1.  Patent Cooperation Treaty  (PCT) . PCT/AI/21, pages 95-98,  Annex C, Appendix 2
Table 5: List of Feature Keys Related to Nucleotide Sequences
Done at Washington on June 19, 1970,
amended on September 28, 1979,
modified on February 3, 1984, and on October 3, 2001

1a.  Administrative Instructions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty 
Annex C, Appendix 2
Nucleotide and Amino Acid Symbols and Feature Table
Table 5:  List of Feature Keys Related to Nucleotide Sequences

CAAT box; part of a conserved sequence located about 75 bp
up-stream of the start point of eukaryotic transcription units which
may be involved in RNA polymerase binding; consensus=GG (C or

GC_signal:  GC box; a conserved GC-rich region located upstream of the start
point of eukaryotic transcription units which may occur in multiple
copies or in either orientation; consensus=GGGCGG

misc_signal: any region containing a signal controlling or altering gene function
or expression that cannot be described by other Signal keys
(promoter, CAAT_signal, TATA_signal, -35_signal, -10_signal,
GC_signal, RBS, polyA_signal, enhancer, attenuator, terminator,
and rep_origin)

mRNA:  messenger RNA; includes 5’ untranslated region (5’UTR), coding
sequences (CDS, exon) and 3’ untranslated region (3’UTR)

mutation: a related strain has an abrupt, inheritable change in the sequence
at this location

polyA_signal:   recognition region necessary for endonuclease cleavage of an RNA
transcript that is followed by polyadenylation; consensus=AATAAA

promoter:   region on a DNA molecule involved in RNA polymerase binding to
initiate transcription

satellite: many tandem repeats (identical or related) of a short basic
repeating unit; many have a base composition or other property
different from the genome average that allows them to 

sig_peptide: signal peptide coding sequence; coding sequence for an
N-terminal domain of a secreted protein; this domain is involved in
attaching nascent polypeptide to the membrane; leader sequence

source: identifies the biological source of the specified span of the
sequence; this key is mandatory; every entry will have, as a
minimum, a single source key spanning the entire sequence; more
than one source key per sequence is [sic] permissible 
(original misspelling?-  permissable)

STS Sequence Tagged Site; short, single-copy DNA sequence that
characterizes a mapping landmark on the genome and can be
detected by PCR; a region of the genome can be mapped by
determining the order of a series of STSs

TATA_signal TATA box;  Goldberg-Hogness box; a conserved AT-rich septamer
found about 25 bp before the start point of each eukaryotic RNA
polymerase II transcript unit which may be involved in positioning
the enzyme for correct initiation; consensus=TATA(A or T)A(A or

terminator:  sequence of DNA located either at the end of the transcript or
adjacent to a promoter region that causes RNA polymerase to
terminate transcription; may also be site of binding of repressor

-10_signal:  pribnow box; a conserved region about 10 bp upstream of the start
point of bacterial transcription units which may be involved in
binding RNA polymerase; consensus=TAtAaT

-35_signal:  a conserved hexamer about 35 bp upstream of the start point of
bacterial transcription units; consensus=TTGACa [ ] or

Monday, December 13, 2021

Slurry of Nano-tech

This article is for entertainment purposes only: re: Body Area Networks and Nanotech warfare (And, this is a quick rundown-- not a refined article.) 

1st published 12/13/2021 updated 12/14/2021

Personally, when this jab thing came out;- I thought that it was only a test run of In-Body (IB) nanotechnology to receive the new transmissions from Pentagon 5G[1] (same timing). Yours truly had protested in Washington, DC in 2019 at the Mall and in front of the Director of National Intelligence with other human test subjects.  And, I had at least 7 years independently studying articles and publications on bio-toxins (due to my being sick from Mycotoxins and other things), Nano-Technology, and signals.

I hypothesized about nanotechnologies used without a Nanoparticle-biocorona[2] protein.  "Corona" referred to Corona discharge [3], an electrical discharge that creates ozone or ionized air.  Stretching things a bit further-- that the vials' cold storage temperature was to preserve the half-life of ozone [4] in the vial. Imagine it's dethawed on the spot and a short 8-minute aqueous ozone half-life (25C or 77F)  if the room is 21C or 69.8F  the half-life is after being injected - so sit and wait 10 minutes. 

Essentially, I believed this was also a way to disperse ozone (O3) creating (airborne graphene dust) nanotechnology capable of creating cell damage, like a mini-plasma fire in the lungs, arteries, etc. It only needs oxygen to create O3. And, the damage is prolific unlike biotoxins like Anthrax or from any biocorona protein meshing with cells. Though, a secondary way to create infection could utilize some biocorona protein bio-weapon. The human body is noted to create some ozone within it. Yet having nanotech that can deplete oxygen when the transmission of a signal interacts with it OR nanotech that creates internal ozone damage when it receives the right frequency or signals transmission tampers with the natural balance of human and animal life. It's already proven that some carbon nanotubes alone deplete oxygen when inhaled. Yet to create harmful ozone in a human body using a non-UV high frequency is possible with embedded nanotubes in layers of graphene or metal. Using Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) the space communication scattering UV bandwidths[5] or terrestrial Free-Space Optical [6] communication (FSO) is compatible with 5g and beyond 5g developments. After all, it's unlikely that UV scattering channels in use create pockets of harmful ozone for open-air exposure.

For climate change kids;- Oxygen turns into O3 Ozone when UV light hits it. But the bandwidth of that specific UV light to create ozone is 160-240 nm.  

 But in Transhuman nanotech speak, O3 absorbs Ultraviolet transmission frequencies used in remote nano-tech experiments. In the solar-blind region, it is unlike other ambient backscattering communication and cognitive radio techniques.  This is where the solar-blind region and cutting-edge nanotechnologies for cellular shape recognition, nano-microscope cameras, and other technologies exist.  All that is needed is the correct High-Frequency signal to ignite a type of ozone creation and/or decomposition nanotube coated with layered graphene nanotechnology[7] 

Then I heard about the ACE2 and went OMG, it's another bio-toxin that can be weaponized with different molecules!  There is a body of literature about mundane life-forms including "toxic black mold" we encounter in nature that is classified as bio-weapons. For those who are unaware of bio-nano tech, many biotoxins, molds, fungi, parasites, and processes of feeding graphene, Titanium dioxide TiO2, and other substances to spiders and silkworms to make super high-tensile threads (Arthur C. Clarke wrote about) exist in reality. The molds have ACE2 compatibility for transhuman linkage or are simply referred to as 'biocorona' protein toxicity, as antennae or to mark/reshape a human cell to receive data for storage. Transmission refers to signals intelligence transmissions at varying bandwidths, though LED, UV, HF, RF, Microwave, Radar are common. Human bodies can't be patented unless a researcher breaks the law, and/or can patent cRNA[8]. 

The slurry of Nano Technology housed the potential of obvious synthetic and fungal, mold, or parasitic related biotoxins moving through my body are unwanted injections. (as a vegan who survived the bio-toxins of Hawaii after a 6-year battle- I cleaned my blood 100% and left the Islands). Today, I remain unvaccinated. And I reminisce to conversations about how the military would maintain "upgrades" in their troops. Are signal booster injections the way of the future? These technologies will soon be in any hydrogel/ ionic gel substance and the food supply as nanotube-based "sensors". Bacterial manipulations already include the use of feminine hydrogels and lubricants. Was this how they accessed and tested on women? 

 I already know that I have no "immunity" to bio-toxins. The only thing that exists for me, is the WARNING signals that quickened for me each time I was re-exposed. 

So here is part of my fantasized sci-fi breakdown of this slurry of (mostly) nanotech: By the way, "ruvis" is an enneagram of "virus". but is also a real technology acronym for Reflective Ultra Violet Imaging System [9]. The large technologies are used for forensics at crime scenes. Though at a nano-scale in-body (IB) the UV technologies are potentially dangerous, lethal, and consensually or non-consensually and/or under the Department of Defense surveillance and reconnaissance related manual 5240.1r procedures 5 and/or 13  [10][10a] experimental human testing. The manual is used by multiple governmental, intelligence, and military branches and sometimes simultaneously and is cited under bio-tech law and human rights watch in the USA and internationally.

1. The 'viruSS' are technology hardware that is effective when it comes in contact with the appropriate signal transmission or frequency. 

2. The 'viruSS' can be aerial/ airborne and affect the respiratory system when the transmission of the appropriate signal is deployed.

3. There was a bio-toxic component to it that exploits Ace2 receptors (IOW Bio-weapon compatible). The long explanation here is that the Ace2 can be exploited by any bio-toxin that attaches, AND those bio-toxins that are 'living' can also grab molecules from the environment to further weaponize its toxic effects. This lends itself to toxic fungi or toxic molds that bind to other environmental toxins (including molecules from graphene, (GO), synthetic polymers, and other molecules)

4.  The cold temperature storage is to prolong the half-life of ozone in it.

5.  There is not only graphene nano-tech but also nano-tubes coated with graphene nanotech to create internal ozone in a wet environment when exposed to the transmission of the signal. The graphene disperses liquid to allow the process to occur. 195 repeat "therapeutic" ozone injections were proven to cause damage with a multifocal stroke [11] affecting the respiratory system, arteries, brain, and nervous system. This type of nano-dust delivery system could also be deployed by a drone and cause common nanotech injuries such as biotoxic reactions, and glial scarring.  

6. There is a type of Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) displayed by some modern media aka scaffolding. In addition to light refracting quantum dots and/or semiconductor materials. 

     6a. the Ampacity of certain nano-tech is much greater than normal copper or metal molecules.

7. On the MOF are PMMA nanobeads that only degrade when exposed to enough signals transmission.    7a. and/Or PGLA beads that do biodegrade.

8. Some of the PMMA or PGLA beads encapsulate additional nano-tubes or nano-technologies after the transmission of the signal degrades the bead (delivery system or for "cell" shape recognition for data retrieval). That it's possible some of these beads contain or support nano-bots to perform tasks when the electromagnetic frequencies change. Frail Nano-bots frequently can fail to reach their destination, yet the addition of nanospheres can provide a sturdy transport for the bots. The nanospheres if made of a synthetic polymer, will not bio-degrade AND will disintegrate after exposure to the correct frequencies to launch the nanobot.

    8a. Some of these nanospheres (aka nanobeads) may be coated with graphene or another electromagnetic receptive substance that is compatible with signals transmission.

8b. The use of PMMA based nanospheres seems unwarranted due to the unequal size or possible blockages/obstruction of wetware circulation. Additionally, these types of beads are not recommended for prolonged implantation use due to toxicity. Even in animal tests, the beads must be removed. An injection of this material can be perceived as 'bio-toxin' in a natural human DNA setting.

9. That the slurry also contains the type of graphene used for localized cell wall destruction but is actually a nutrient source for a hydra-chimera, hydra, or transgenic hydra. The Graphene indicates that fibers might be created to make any threadlike structures (like a spider chimera web, silkworm chimera thread, or the new birth hydra network --how about a virtually indestructible Morgellons fiber, or fungal structure?)  Almost as a race for time experiment to see if the transhuman parasite can erect a network, strong graphene thread, or web-like nanostructure before the graphene destroys the wetware. 

10.  As a vegan, this technology seems vegan- minus the transhumanist Hydra components and any chimeric nano-threads and the animal testing. Yet wetware vs. Human rights seems to be the fringe debate.


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Bovine Serum Albumin in Human Vaccines

This is not medical advice nor intended as medical advice.  

Absolute vegan exemptions from vaccines are limited in the 21st century to the UK alone, yet that may change. Many large national and international animal rights groups or vegan organizations have taken a "do not condone or condemn" approach for their followers. Many people understand that personal commitments to vegan beliefs can be very costly financially, legally, and may test the mind, body, and soul at new heights. Most USA states do not acknowledge vegan beliefs as a religious exemption, even if this general practice and flagrant disrespect is a form of psychological torture. And, at the international level vegetarian prisoners still do not have rights to vegetarian or vegan food as a human right.

Modern injections today, their single chemical ingredients, and their components are still mandated to be tested on animals. Essentially, nothing is cruelty-free about 21st-century vaccines. The main animal-based ingredient used by USA manufacturers is Federal Drug Administration FDA-approved Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA).  Obviously, this is not a vegan ingredient at all. And, there is concern over Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) that could evolve as a result of the ingredient. This is addressed at the FDA webpage: