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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Weather preparedness for animal rescue

Here's a prioritized list of donations needed for your initiative to help animals in an area without an animal control officer or wildlife rehab center pickups:

1. **Special Cat Food:**
   - Sensitive stomach or acid stomach varieties for cats.

2. **Detox Supplies:**
   - Detox for dogs affected by pesticide sickness.

3. **Flea and Tick Medications:**
   - Essential due to the prevalence of deer ticks affecting your efforts.

4. **Long-term Storable Dog Food:**
   - Suitable for sensitive stomachs and can be stored for an extended period.

5. **Egg Powder or Scrambled Egg Powder:**
   - Without additional chemicals for nutrition.

6. **Bonito, Fish Flakes, or Dried Fish:**
   - Nutritional supplements for animals.

7. **Tyvek or Barrier Material + Tape:**
   - For creating small, temporary breatheable shelters during inclement weather.

8. **Tape:**
   - Necessary for assembling shelters.

9. **Flea and Tick Shampoo:**
   - Vital for treating animals infested with fleas and ticks.

10. **Flea Combs:**
    - Tools to help in flea and tick removal.

11. **Heavy Gloves:**
    - Required for safe handling of wildlife.

12. **Gasoline Cards**
- For driving animals to wildlife rehabilitation centers and/or no-kill shelters

These donations are critical for private citizen initiatives to provide care for neglected animals and assist in reuniting strays with their homes in an area lacking formal animal control services and wildlife rehabilitation centers.

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