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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Assisted Living and Distress on companion animals: Microchip first plan to a new home

Ensure the Safety of Companion Animals During Life Transitions: update Microchip first plan for Elderly Pet Owners and their famiy

 Elderly individuals who transition to assisted living often leave behind companion animals. So if you're a busy relative, remembering to update the microchip information to the stable home with permission of the new caretakers is extremely important. And, you should notify neighbors of the change so any issues can be resolved quickly. And remember that some neighbors may have long-term issues against other neighbors, so updating microchip information can ease issues for your former companion animal's safety if they remain in the area.

Updating the microchip information with consent is very important for continued safety. Even when the companion animal has a new dedicated home or arrangement with a stable address, they may become distressed in the weeks and months to follow. 

Urgently update microchip information before enroute to the new home can curb the danger of any moving mishaps. Ensure the contact is someone who is willing to pick up pets from the animal shelter or veterinarian if they become distressed or lost.

Updating Microchip Information can be performed online or through your veterinarian. Contact details associated with pet microchips and temporary collars with a contact email or number can help.

 Recognizing Signs of Distress:
   Even when you plan ahead, companion animals can still show signs of distress. 
Examples include extreme roaming an running back to their former home, fighting within cat colonies (working cat barns) and physical injuries, and other behaviors that may displace other animals in multiple animal or working cat colony hierarchies.

Building Trust:
   Tips for building trust with distressed pets, such as offering food and speaking softly can help coax a distrssed animal back to safety. While attentiveness to the companion animal is needed during the transition period.

Ensure the safety and well-being of companion animals during life transitions even when there is a hectic move. Microchip first, can help everyone support your family's beloved companion during such a heavy separation.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

3 crucial Patents and Targeting

Over the past decade I have done a lot of independent research. So for those who have supported me I am making this post because it incorporates some of my approach to the research on human targeting on all levels. One of the most critical patents I have found is one that encompasses and includes former patents on a chip making process and chips made in order to do this type of targeting. It embodies many things people have complained about related to everyday objects vehicles homes even the reflective film of vehicle windows can be made today to embody a sensor array and projector. Without being told however that these technologies have been deployed and testing is going on, it raises a lot of alarm in the public and for safety reasons as well as personal issues.
Well I have posted these patents and other technical information compiled by another activist, many of us have had servers on Discord to sort out these extenuating issues. So I have also made posts under collective civil rights organizations where I have little hope of a resolution. But simply to gain the knowledge and educate the public again is part of the battle. While some activists have already sided with technologists to improve the beamforming and eliminate the use of phones and other devices such as routers. This is of course without public consensus and after a great upheaval in the Civil Rights movement connected to individuals who are targeted. You might say that instead of being targeted that we are more silent about our private lives and the intersection of technology. So maybe we were a bit more resilient and scientific in our approach to the extensive human testing that we did not consent to. Some of this stems from our family involvement in Advanced technologies or defense technologies even if they were a close relative or a distant and uncle.
And again I appreciate those who have listened to me and found what I have said to be helpful and insightful. Yet it would be nice if I lived in a planet where people supported My overall activism as a test and proof of my dedication to rights causes. But that is not the case in these movements, especially in the United States.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Asylum or stay to fight hate?

Seeking asylum usually needs to be done from outside your country of nationality. And if you're a US citizen being persecuted, it's not easy to leave and gain asylum assistance and also obtain work permits. 
During the worst climates of public hatred being expressed-- it's important to manage life's basic necessities-- even with excessive intervention (overhandling) by polite and kind state officials whose offices have a track record with you of repeatedly constructing adverse and life threatening scenarios that sometimes include your family members cooperation. It's a dictatorship on the local level, Stazi or Lockstep styles included.

Many know this as a form of persecution because of the freedoms the US Constitution has to offer. Thus once a person makes their political or spiritual beliefs known, they are subjected to retaliation for their basic human rights. Why was there a constitution or UDHR?

 Many police and local officials in government have constituents who stand in opposition to different viewpoints whereas, living in " specialized communities" offers some protection from being singled out. It's a matter of them winning their elections in some cases, and the elaborate process of payment for these adverse actions goes unchecked as racketeering. It can especially include small cap companies that suddenly have a surge in their stock prices after the owners and executives complete a series or singular actions using the federal and/or local governments. (Identity theft not included)

 Those who seek asylum from the USA are "functional citizens". And because of this political framework being intact are denied asylum in other neighboring nations such as Canada.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Looking Back

It was barely 6 months since I left Hawaii to the mainland-- before threats from my hometown drove me back to Ithaca, where AREAL was conceived in my apartment in the 1993/94. This time, uncertain what to do, I took a stroll to see how campus changed. And, with some tweets, made a few banners for cybertorture campaigners and mailed them cross country. All before the UN mandated national laws to prevent cybertorture. 
Today, I received a notice of  how many views my Google Guide account has achieved. So, this glimpse of impressions is a small blessing today. I thought I would share it. And the blueberry farm pics too...

Sunday, October 15, 2023

The Impact of Cyber Techniques on Vaccines: A High School-Level Explanation

In recent times, there have been discussions about a unique kind of vaccine that some people believe could have tiny devices inside, acting like a Wi-Fi receiver. These claims suggest that these vaccines might change people in significant ways.

Let's imagine a scenario to understand this better:

Imagine a new type of vaccine being talked about. People are worried that it contains small devices that can connect to Wi-Fi signals. But, wait! How does this affect hospitals and war zones?

In a time of war, hospitals are places where people go to get better. They need to be safe from anything that could be used for combat, like cyber technology. If a vaccine has these tiny devices, it might make a person carrying them look like a combatant, someone involved in the fighting. This could lead to confusion and danger.

So, to keep hospitals and schools safe and focused on helping people, it might be important to have separate places for those who got this new vaccine. These spaces would be for people to go to if they need medical attention, but it ensures that the places meant for healing and learning are kept free from potential cyber-technological concerns.

Remember, everyone's health is crucial, and hospitals should be a safe haven during challenging times. This scenario helps us think about how technology can affect where we seek help and safety.

Embracing diverse spirituality

Subject: Embracing Diversity and My Spiritual Journey

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share a glimpse of my spiritual journey and the diverse experiences I've been fortunate enough to have embraced. From my upbringing in a mixed-faith family - with a Japanese Buddhist and Shinto parent and a US Catholic parent - to my exploration of various beliefs and practices, my path has been shaped by a deep appreciation for diversity and understanding.

I've attended various religious services and explored different faiths, finding resonance and wisdom in each. From Buddhist practices to various Christian churches including interfaith, from Hindu ceremonies to Jewish celebrations, and even engaging with cross-cultural international and also Japan based healing groups, and listening to those with firm beliefs in nature rituals;- each experience has enriched my understanding of the world.

My journey has led me to embrace a more Buddhist-centered path, aligning with shojin ryori as my path was intended and a vegan lifestyle since USA and EU disrespected my Japanese national descent since my childhood. I believe in fostering compassion, understanding, and respect for all living beings and the world we share.

Through this, I hope we can cultivate an environment where our differences are celebrated, and understanding and love prevail. Let's support one another in our unique spiritual paths, recognizing that our individual journeys contribute to a more colorful and compassionate world.

In unity and respect for diversity,

Angela "Kikuchi" Kneale

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Any trained Medical professional can make this diagnosis and a letter.

Subject: Request for Assistance in Istanbul Protocol-Related Medical Torture and Medical Ill-Treatments Diagnosis

Dear [Health Professional's Name],

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. My name is [Angela Kneale], and I am reaching out to seek your valuable expertise and assistance regarding a critical matter related to medical torture documentation and medical diagnosis for torture victims.As a survivor [of biotoxins illness since 2013], I have been actively involved in researching and addressing cases of cyber torture and ill-treatment.

 My aim is to raise awareness about this distressing issue and ensure that victims receive the necessary medical attention and support they need, adhering to the stringent international standards within the Istanbul Protocol.

To further advocate for the victims and their rights, I am currently in the process of compiling comprehensive documentation that includes medical diagnoses using internationally recognized ICD-10 and ICD-11 codes. 
Please visit my substack for my complete list. Some of the specific codes related to inappropriate vaccine and trauma induced by the use of advanced technologies are outlined below:

⚫ Inappropriate Vaccine: ICD-10 Code: T88.1 (Adverse effect of drugs, medicaments, and biological substances) ⚫ Trauma induced by the use of advanced technologies: ICD-10 Code: T76.89 (Other specified effects of other external causes) ⚫ ICD-11 Code: 1E96.Y (Sequelae of assault by bodily force)

Your expertise in this field is crucial to proceed effectively with this initiative.
I have also attached a sample letter to consider for a general complaint to the UN. Though proper training on this matter will aid efforts by legal professionals.

While some NGO health professionals advocate for ICD additions for new and exotic technology symptoms, it seems like a long wait.

Victims need assistance now, and require trained professionals who can write a medical diagnosis for ill treatment and/or torture.

 I kindly request your support and collaboration in reviewing and validating the documentation I am compiling. Your valuable insights will significantly contribute to our collective efforts to address and combat medical torture and ill-treatments effectively.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response and potential collaboration.

Angela Kneale