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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Work Performance Sabotage & AAPI inclusion

Diversity and inclusion tests
Don't change employee behaviors.
Correct answers on a test, doesn't prevent coworkers from ganging up on a coworker. Nor does it change their two faced games at work- ie. Saying they can't understand "that ch*nks" entry in an "ALOHA" POS system because it looks like Chinese to them or they can't understand AAPI English entered by their AAPI coworker. In employment rights terms it's called "work performance sabotage"
Many victims of gangstalking - especially 1st generation Americans- have experienced this form of racism.

At the end of the day- The Boss still has to run the business and won't reprimand a functional team to make room for AAPI.  Nor can they force the manager to add more hours due to coworker complaints, and prevent employee games by asking the AAPI employee to work. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Got Nanites?

Exfoliation is normal in Asian bathing cultures. And peeling gels are quite popular during a visit to JAPAN'S ONSEN, or Japan's multi story bathhouses that have baths from every culture and nation represented to try, or smaller spa-like versions in the USA.

Maybe these things Europeans and non-Asian Americans are calling nanites are the same stuff we AAPI and Asians have taken off with peeling gels for decades.  Nanites are more pronounced,noticible in Hawaii because of the heat and humidity- this issue of nanites.

Basically anything we consume or drink will come out through our pores in about 20-30min.  So if you take a shower with a scrub and rinse well,  then drink a coffee or tea and wait 20-30min. (More noticible after a sauna) When you take a fresh wipe across the skin- the coffee or tea (even spirulina)will be on the surface of the skin. That's how antioxidants get to our skin without slathering on products.

Fairly simple. Nothing to get super psyched out over unless you're working with nano chips and nano semiconductors.

Hoping this puts some fears to rest.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

TIpublicinterest.com taken down

Long short story: As I was counting down the hours till the TIpublicinterest.com site  was deleted;- I felt a sigh of relief. Especially as Pelosi's visit to Taiwan shifted my Twitter algorithms to a Free Tibet activist who is targeted by the CCP.

A man who stood in front of the Chinese embassy in the UK with a modest protest sign. Wrote on Twitter about the onslaught of cyber attacks and arrest over a CCP instigated bomb threat they made in his name through a Proton mail account : 40k bots on his IG account from the CCP, other cyber attacks, and a bomb threat sentencing for up to 7years in prison.

TIpublicinterest.com has been a time consuming side project for the past year. I focused on nanotechnologies studies including biotech.  And there was zero financial support from the TI community- zero. 

Yet people happily took my content, what I said at meetings broadcast it without notifying me of all broadcasts or where they were posted, and/or shredded it for their own use and organizations to capitalize. IOW Gangstalker behavior combined with typically East Coast style racism in full force- blatant, disrespectful, and ending in a fight between me and some of the "right wing". 

What I did glean, is that the US activists (who I avoid due to their right wing attributes) can get away with this behavior at international Zoom meetings. Mostly because Zoom doesn't want to loose their international privileges. It's in their policies and FAQ  So, what's the point? After one year of this. And yes, I believe I'm entitled to be paid fairly in the USA- even if the socio-political climate is contrary to my being AAPI. Instead, activists who are sexist and racist are gangstalking me through cyber means. It's not ironic since some of them are former US state actors. It does confirm that they are continuing the behavior of US Sate Actor persecution that I had reported to the UN.

I spent;- Weeks of reading hundreds of scientific research and patents only to generate a few paragraphs of summary. And that has been one of the realities of taking on such work. It's not very impressive. Not much for me to make a writing niche for myself either. And it wasn't the "bang" that activists seeking evidence for conviction of the evil otherside we're seeking. Instead, I did a thorough study since I have been trained enough as an activist since my college days of organizing, conducting studies, and holding and speaking at press conferences or to the media. 

I did this selflessly, along with a plethora of ego-centric victims who I listened to, data related conspiracy theories I took into consideration, and listening to people generally psyched out over fear from the smart cities style iot being used in criminal ways;- there's very little in the interactions I had that were truly "world centric" stemming from activists. Most topics were posted as "me/my/mine" issues of alleged victimhood. While some people get infuriated at me, it's clear that they identify with the "white extremists" or "perpetrators" rather than as a victim or sincere activist/organizer. It is the lack of other's sincerity that alarms me the most in my decades of activist involvement.