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Friday, August 12, 2022

Got Nanites?

Exfoliation is normal in Asian bathing cultures. And peeling gels are quite popular during a visit to JAPAN'S ONSEN, or Japan's multi story bathhouses that have baths from every culture and nation represented to try, or smaller spa-like versions in the USA.

Maybe these things Europeans and non-Asian Americans are calling nanites are the same stuff we AAPI and Asians have taken off with peeling gels for decades.  Nanites are more pronounced,noticible in Hawaii because of the heat and humidity- this issue of nanites.

Basically anything we consume or drink will come out through our pores in about 20-30min.  So if you take a shower with a scrub and rinse well,  then drink a coffee or tea and wait 20-30min. (More noticible after a sauna) When you take a fresh wipe across the skin- the coffee or tea (even spirulina)will be on the surface of the skin. That's how antioxidants get to our skin without slathering on products.

Fairly simple. Nothing to get super psyched out over unless you're working with nano chips and nano semiconductors.

Hoping this puts some fears to rest.

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