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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Work Performance Sabotage & AAPI inclusion

Diversity and inclusion tests
Don't change employee behaviors.
Correct answers on a test, doesn't prevent coworkers from ganging up on a coworker. Nor does it change their two faced games at work- ie. Saying they can't understand "that ch*nks" entry in an "ALOHA" POS system because it looks like Chinese to them or they can't understand AAPI English entered by their AAPI coworker. In employment rights terms it's called "work performance sabotage"
Many victims of gangstalking - especially 1st generation Americans- have experienced this form of racism.

At the end of the day- The Boss still has to run the business and won't reprimand a functional team to make room for AAPI.  Nor can they force the manager to add more hours due to coworker complaints, and prevent employee games by asking the AAPI employee to work. 

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