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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Any trained Medical professional can make this diagnosis and a letter.

Subject: Request for Assistance in Istanbul Protocol-Related Medical Torture and Medical Ill-Treatments Diagnosis

Dear [Health Professional's Name],

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. My name is [Angela Kneale], and I am reaching out to seek your valuable expertise and assistance regarding a critical matter related to medical torture documentation and medical diagnosis for torture victims.As a survivor [of biotoxins illness since 2013], I have been actively involved in researching and addressing cases of cyber torture and ill-treatment.

 My aim is to raise awareness about this distressing issue and ensure that victims receive the necessary medical attention and support they need, adhering to the stringent international standards within the Istanbul Protocol.

To further advocate for the victims and their rights, I am currently in the process of compiling comprehensive documentation that includes medical diagnoses using internationally recognized ICD-10 and ICD-11 codes. 
Please visit my substack for my complete list. Some of the specific codes related to inappropriate vaccine and trauma induced by the use of advanced technologies are outlined below:

⚫ Inappropriate Vaccine: ICD-10 Code: T88.1 (Adverse effect of drugs, medicaments, and biological substances) ⚫ Trauma induced by the use of advanced technologies: ICD-10 Code: T76.89 (Other specified effects of other external causes) ⚫ ICD-11 Code: 1E96.Y (Sequelae of assault by bodily force)

Your expertise in this field is crucial to proceed effectively with this initiative.
I have also attached a sample letter to consider for a general complaint to the UN. Though proper training on this matter will aid efforts by legal professionals.

While some NGO health professionals advocate for ICD additions for new and exotic technology symptoms, it seems like a long wait.

Victims need assistance now, and require trained professionals who can write a medical diagnosis for ill treatment and/or torture.

 I kindly request your support and collaboration in reviewing and validating the documentation I am compiling. Your valuable insights will significantly contribute to our collective efforts to address and combat medical torture and ill-treatments effectively.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response and potential collaboration.

Angela Kneale

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Weather preparedness for animal rescue

Here's a prioritized list of donations needed for your initiative to help animals in an area without an animal control officer or wildlife rehab center pickups:

1. **Special Cat Food:**
   - Sensitive stomach or acid stomach varieties for cats.

2. **Detox Supplies:**
   - Detox for dogs affected by pesticide sickness.

3. **Flea and Tick Medications:**
   - Essential due to the prevalence of deer ticks affecting your efforts.

4. **Long-term Storable Dog Food:**
   - Suitable for sensitive stomachs and can be stored for an extended period.

5. **Egg Powder or Scrambled Egg Powder:**
   - Without additional chemicals for nutrition.

6. **Bonito, Fish Flakes, or Dried Fish:**
   - Nutritional supplements for animals.

7. **Tyvek or Barrier Material + Tape:**
   - For creating small, temporary breatheable shelters during inclement weather.

8. **Tape:**
   - Necessary for assembling shelters.

9. **Flea and Tick Shampoo:**
   - Vital for treating animals infested with fleas and ticks.

10. **Flea Combs:**
    - Tools to help in flea and tick removal.

11. **Heavy Gloves:**
    - Required for safe handling of wildlife.

12. **Gasoline Cards**
- For driving animals to wildlife rehabilitation centers and/or no-kill shelters

These donations are critical for private citizen initiatives to provide care for neglected animals and assist in reuniting strays with their homes in an area lacking formal animal control services and wildlife rehabilitation centers.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Horror at the Animal shelter

Today, I transported the local aggro stray cat to the local shelter as soon as possible.
I called before entering the "no kill" shelter.
I stood and waited with the cat in a cat carrier where I was told to wait with the stray cat-- in the bunny room where there was one guinea pig and one rabbit.

He seemed more afraid this time and shirked to the back of the carrier placed on the counter. I had 2-3 feet of standing room. Two teens towering over me, approached and didn't care to speak to me as they walked into the small space. I covered the personal info on a cat carrier that's been around since my college days. Especially since local teens - female rather than male- have shown physical aggression and hostility towards me since the Pandemic. It sadly reminded me of my elementary school days, being one of the smallest kids on the playground regularly bullied and put into neck braces by the time I was 12. I haven't grown taller since then. In scifi terms, I was uncertain if the tall whites would attack me, again.

It was uncomfortable for me to stay with the cat in the tiny space. I wasn't sure if they would spontaneously attack me. Instead they decided to see what animals were in the secluded cages near me. And, promptly returned to their parents.

The staff worker started walking in my direction and called out Hey Lady! From over 20ft away. I shirked and backed away from the cage to look who shouted and saw the worker walking towards me. Before I knew it I had blurred out that they had called me a prostitute. In fact I wasn't aware of how often I had to tolerate this behavior where average Americans used the code word for prostitute until my head started reeling today. Ladies of the night aka Lady or Ladies wasn't a term my parents or others made me aware of in my youth. It took until my 30s to understand the use of this overly Victorian word. And how this word is not "proper" at all in modern language except in reference to prostitution. 

They didn't say "hi" or allow for a conversational introduction. Simply yelling "Lady!" At me in my summer tanned face with dark hair.

Despite that, I suppose they decided they put me in my place publicly- it seemed like bias and social confirmation of bias support to others, they began intake of the actual four legged feline with tail. My concern for my safety became high alert, and I backed into the corner at the counter. Every movement made my head turn on alert. And I became defensive about handing the staff member my personal license- even though they were very "professional" despite my defensiveness. And I finally caught myself and apologized for being so uncomfortable- especially since I was out numbered. This is my world today.

Reporting Bias Incidents,  is rarely easy outside of AAPIHN communities where local authorities stand to prosper from disappearing or handling of an AAPIHN person. Even police in these communities may be involved in DV or blatantly assist the local criminal behavior against minorities - especially AAPIHN who are far away from any supportive normal AAPIHN community.

There is a lot of Social media that portrays AAPI women and men in the sex industry. However our voices continue to be marginalized in non-AAPI communities.

One of the common words:- Lady or Ladies is derived from the term "Ladies of the Night" that means prostitute. 

It's unclear whether or not non -AAPIHN communities will support AAPIHN persons who report this as a stigmatized way to potentially humiliate or incriminate persons at workplaces or in public. Tragedy has hit home for many "isolated" AAPIHN throughout the USA since we are frequently smaller and easier targets for these large non-AAPIHN Americans.

This was one normal day of many in public in my USA hometown. While not much has changed, the escalation of targeting and violence from seemingly random people has become a community based nightmare.

Though I received a receipt this time when I took him to the humane shelter-- The four legged cat with tail still intact, has an "unregistered" microchip number on the receipt. My guess is that it's possible the local Gangstalkers are using the animals to construct a scenario. It's unusual to find an intact cat. So if they have sprayed female pheromones to create his interest-- it's possible. It seems a strange but I was followed by a vehicle with a German vanity tag the last time I made an appointment for this particular roamer.
Is it gangstalking? Good question. The area has been a hotbed of Skinheads and neonazi activities the police supported through the 1980s, 1990s, and recruited heavily post 9/11.
Though they use "functional" sabotage tactics to evade criminal charges up to racketeering, they have included hiring unknowledgeable new minorities to shield from direct racist accusations and scapegoat.