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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

PCT Definitions of Signals & Satellites in Synthetic DNA patents

This page contains 15 definitions or keys from the Patent Cooperation Treaty pertaining to DNA and Signals. References are listed below with URLs.

1.  Patent Cooperation Treaty  (PCT) . PCT/AI/21, pages 95-98,  Annex C, Appendix 2
Table 5: List of Feature Keys Related to Nucleotide Sequences
Done at Washington on June 19, 1970,
amended on September 28, 1979,
modified on February 3, 1984, and on October 3, 2001

1a.  Administrative Instructions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty 
Annex C, Appendix 2
Nucleotide and Amino Acid Symbols and Feature Table
Table 5:  List of Feature Keys Related to Nucleotide Sequences

CAAT box; part of a conserved sequence located about 75 bp
up-stream of the start point of eukaryotic transcription units which
may be involved in RNA polymerase binding; consensus=GG (C or

GC_signal:  GC box; a conserved GC-rich region located upstream of the start
point of eukaryotic transcription units which may occur in multiple
copies or in either orientation; consensus=GGGCGG

misc_signal: any region containing a signal controlling or altering gene function
or expression that cannot be described by other Signal keys
(promoter, CAAT_signal, TATA_signal, -35_signal, -10_signal,
GC_signal, RBS, polyA_signal, enhancer, attenuator, terminator,
and rep_origin)

mRNA:  messenger RNA; includes 5’ untranslated region (5’UTR), coding
sequences (CDS, exon) and 3’ untranslated region (3’UTR)

mutation: a related strain has an abrupt, inheritable change in the sequence
at this location

polyA_signal:   recognition region necessary for endonuclease cleavage of an RNA
transcript that is followed by polyadenylation; consensus=AATAAA

promoter:   region on a DNA molecule involved in RNA polymerase binding to
initiate transcription

satellite: many tandem repeats (identical or related) of a short basic
repeating unit; many have a base composition or other property
different from the genome average that allows them to 

sig_peptide: signal peptide coding sequence; coding sequence for an
N-terminal domain of a secreted protein; this domain is involved in
attaching nascent polypeptide to the membrane; leader sequence

source: identifies the biological source of the specified span of the
sequence; this key is mandatory; every entry will have, as a
minimum, a single source key spanning the entire sequence; more
than one source key per sequence is [sic] permissible 
(original misspelling?-  permissable)

STS Sequence Tagged Site; short, single-copy DNA sequence that
characterizes a mapping landmark on the genome and can be
detected by PCR; a region of the genome can be mapped by
determining the order of a series of STSs

TATA_signal TATA box;  Goldberg-Hogness box; a conserved AT-rich septamer
found about 25 bp before the start point of each eukaryotic RNA
polymerase II transcript unit which may be involved in positioning
the enzyme for correct initiation; consensus=TATA(A or T)A(A or

terminator:  sequence of DNA located either at the end of the transcript or
adjacent to a promoter region that causes RNA polymerase to
terminate transcription; may also be site of binding of repressor

-10_signal:  pribnow box; a conserved region about 10 bp upstream of the start
point of bacterial transcription units which may be involved in
binding RNA polymerase; consensus=TAtAaT

-35_signal:  a conserved hexamer about 35 bp upstream of the start point of
bacterial transcription units; consensus=TTGACa [ ] or

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