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Monday, April 25, 2022

How to Save the Earth

There are many niches for people to save the earth today. Projects span from toxic and waste removal to nutrition that reduces animal exploitation and animal cruelty.

Eating plant based products has gained popularity recently. And, plant based diet changes have one of the biggest impacts on carbon emissions and pollution in addition to saving the animal life from suffering.  Those who are able to make longer and more oomprehensive commitments GO VEGAN!!!

Since our days in 1990s of bootlegging Dr. Colin Campbell's vegetarian nutrition book for his lone syllabus in the USA;- vegan nutrition has been embraced by nutritionists and MD's across the planet.
Here are some links to follow on your path and explorations in eating a compassionate plate. And if you're worried about carbohydrates, there are plenty of carbs in the works by these top doctors.

1. DR. TERRY SHINTANI  -  Creator of "The Peace Diet"Peace Diet at https://g.co/kgs/h86GC1 and involved in creating the vegan community with a nutrition degree. He is the author of several books and is involved in the Hawaii community: 
        https://www.vsh.org › newslet...PDF
Providing Vegetarian and Vegan options for Hawaii's Public School Students

2. Dr. Colin Campbell - Western pioneer of vegetarian nutrition courses and studies of Asian/China traditional and Buddhist food. Groundbreaking book "The China Study" https://nutritionstudies.org/
3. Dr. McDougall - Western MD with planet saving starch based (potato, corn, rice, beans) diet for most people including diabetics - with extensive video lectures online, thousands of recipes by he and his wife, and books. His online diet commitment asks for a minimum 3 years of dedication. Free McDougall Program 

There are many vegan organizations that make exclusive materials to help you eat better for a healthier planet. Please steer clear of excess and toxic packaging waste.
New products are brought to market everyday. 

There are plenty of Asian traditions and religions that promote vegetarian and vegan diets are still unfamiliar and taboo to Western culture. So, without changing religions- Western vegan organizations and western doctors offer ways to learn about the health benefits of eating vegan diet.

Other similar "vegan" diets can be found in culturally accepted monasteries and temples. And cutting out dairy and fish today is critical to heal the planet- our oceans are overfished, and there is significant pollution and waste from dairy farms. We need to heal the planet. And these commercial practices of mass harvesting and daily consumption must be reduced and eradicated.

No matter what age you are there are social groups of every age, race, and background. It's never too late to begin!!!

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