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Saturday, April 2, 2022

vegan treats made with purified water

Being vegan for decades can be expensive if you follow the newest trend every season. So getting back to nature and using what we already have, there are a few refreshing spiritual or aura rinses that are inexpensive treats.
1. Making hair tea blend to use as a rinse from evergreen needles and a favorite herbal tea. 

2. Frankincense water - grind frankincense resin and let it steep in boiling water and then let cool until ready to use. This is especially wonderful before meditation.
3. 32oz Purified water with 1tsp bentonite  clay in a bottle. This separates in a bottle so the extra clean water is at the top. Using a dropper to siphon off the pure water. This is wonderful for a water spritzer in a spray bottle, or simply on a cotton ball pad. 

The remaining clay water is gentle to use on a towel to use as a wipe. And, it can gently soak up the grease on cat hair from a soft cloth wipe down-- for those days the indoor cat gets too much lotion on them from other family members.

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