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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

essential oils

Tis the season for changes in essential oils. Especially after holidays and with the onset of spring pollen and foliage. And some seem to help raise spirits with EO's in certain parts of the USA than others.

Most frequently used list for Hawaii differs from that for the northeastern USA.
Though some stay tried and true in the vegan EO kit. And some can be forgotten.

Most used all around:
1. Tea Tree
2. Lavender
3. Lemongrass
4. Oregano

Most used in Hawaii
1. Tea tree
2. Oregano
3. Frankincense
4. Geranium
5. Myhrr
6. Some Blends by brands

Most used in Northeast
1. Clove
2. Lavender
3. Tea Tree
4. Frankincense
5. Oregano

What's hardly used or diffused:
1. Vetiver
2. Blend for insect repellent
3. Majorum

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