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Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Today, problems that we encounter with "the system" no longer follow a clear path to a functional "solution".

There are more options for those who commit crimes to go unconvicted. Yet the innocent and good hearted are punished with gradual to complete annihilation of their human rights.

It makes America what it is today. The capitalist work arounds for corporations and their executives to live beyond their means-- if no crimes were committed.

The USA nolonger represents what it once respresented in the world w is the the terms "Freedom", "Liberty", and "Justice" for all. It is sad to witness this world that I live in today. And to unravel nearly 50 years of crimes committed by older generations who passed on their criminal legacies to their network. 

Many survivors remain with broken hearts and finances and homes. And there is noone repairing the broken system. There are only new appointees for old positions.

Someday, things may change. Until that time, the world we witness today is at an end.

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