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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Mice & Rats

Climate change seems to have had an impact on the rodent populations in all climates. From the rat infestations of Australia destroying crops to the novelty of rats stealing pizza in a big city, rodents are everywhere. In tropical climates such as Hawaii, public signs to educate the transient population about rat-lung worm disease are posted at malls.

Please do not encourage rodent presence. Even with a compassionate heart, this type of imbalance can get out of hand in a season or two. Diffusing essential oils in the absence of companion animals can help deter the rodents while you're out.

As a vegan, there is an ethical choice to interfere or remove some of these pestilence carrying creatures far away with ethical traps. Some vegans dislike keeping cats, as cats are natural predators. And cats sometimes leave their prey injured and alive in the house.
But where do you draw the line as a vegan?

Being clean and healthy improves without pestilence. Some of us have witnessed the elderly acceptance of "animal rights" go overboard into accepting wild rodents and feeding them from their hand or imprinting bad habits of leaving food out for their rodent friends. The infestation of their homes and neighborhood can land them in a condemned building within 2-3years.
 Whether from of loneliness or as a political statement against vegans --Yes, this happens and may be a sign of mental illness in otherwise normal people. It has an unhappy ending with a rodent infestation. And rodents can chew through wires and cause electrical housefires.

Some places, like Hawaii;- are unsaleable after rats move in. Yes, it is said that way. The rats move in usually attacking the food, companion animals, and eventually  everyone.  Everyone can loose their home and property value to a kindhearted elderly mainlander who "made friends" with a smart rodent. The only natural predators to rats in the tropics are lurking 2 foot long millipede couples that are a rare site until a rat infested property is fumigated under a tent. 

Please, be careful. There are many live traps that can be built to remove the mice and rats alive. 

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