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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Need for a Victim's Compensation fund

There is alot of talk and alot of poseur civil rights and environmental organizations that have sprung up through the years. Sadly, it causes infighting among dedicated activists who have specialties in relevant industry knowledge. The types of research activists and victims of non-consensual human tests investigate rivals the understanding of any single major University graduate in fields of law, Bio-tech, nanotech, materials engineering, telecom engineering, particle physics,  biology, bio-engineering, nutrition, and other fields relevant to forensics of each victim and group of victims. Needless to say, a pediatrician or family attorney is ill equipped to take on such cases-- even as a pro-bono endeavor.

The playing field is far from level. And the victims and civil rights organization that are seeking compensation for victims, are falling short. People are angry at where money is being donated and the help that victims receive.

They are angry because of what the US government has done to them by allowing unconstitutional conduct by all branches of the military, intelligence community, and it's trickle down factors through local officials and their "favored" family and friends. They have consistently bulldozed first generation Americans who are easily picked off because of the most obvious and blatantly discriminatory laws that include FISA since 1978. 

It did create a slippery slope. And it's tragic that slippery slope was created by former Intelligence Community leaders who now have seats on BOD for these civil rights organizations in their a retirement.

 And there is government impunity that obstructs any fair hearing to the supreme court. And the GS-95 form is only useable "with appropriate use" deemed by government agencies-- and it comes with a $5000 fine.

So when will be able to found our own victims compensation funds, accessible to victims of these horrific crimes against humanity? 

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