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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

HAPA minority leadership

Large national groups used to be a clearing house for pamphlets and national campaigns. However, Cointelpro style gangstalking has its roots in most rights related movements. Local minority grassroots organizers are vulnerable to having their group and reputation easily bulldozed by these national organizations. And it's even worse for 1st generation Americans with actual connections to supply chain. Civil rights movements in the USA are a clearinghouse for street level foreign policy. And competitive five eyes or local activists are easily prompted to escalate and change the radical nature of environment to devestate minority leadership. Do you know how subtle hate crimes happen inside of unregulated grassroots organizing efforts? I do, as a HAPA minority  who was sabotaged for 9solid years after I was accepted at a national activist level in 1996.
 Sometimes it's done using another local organization. And believe it or not, the Feds and Cointelpro use other unrelated groups to organize against new American minority leadership on unrelated issues.

In all of my years in the United States, the levels of disrespect by fellow activists escalated. Where they expect me to take the blame and do the hard work while they take the glory and white acceptance with financial support for their limited efforts.

Though I accept diversity, I am unable to say I condone these organizers. And the sealed wound, is a lesson in trust that has eroded forever. The lack of support transmuted into other movements and anti-asian foreign policy. It's so vehement today, it is life threatening. And the thing is-- that the majority of laboratory researchers are white majority. But organizers and activists will always target minorities -- because we are easy targets. And in solidarity, what does solidarity mean if it condones harm to minorities in the group?  Yet minority movements are condemned to accept trust from the majority. 

It's a very grey point to stand on and view the future. And minoritiy human rights are definitely overlooked and destroyed from within movements. It's designed to create hopelessness and pound people into the line of reluctance and subservience.

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