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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Positives about Targeted Individuals Movement

This morning, the daily gratefulness journal, does include some who are able to use their personal technology in the Targeted Individuals movement. So, This is a list of the positive's

  1. Some caring individuals who offer moral support.
  2. Being able to meet with other Targeted Individuals to discuss situations.
  3. Being able to achieve some level of increased safety.
  4. Learning from other's personal successes. Every little bit counts
  5. Shielding advice

These are four things that Did offer some form of emotional, food, financial, or safety relief. Taking each day one step at a time is imperative to simply get through. Below are the things that make a difference in longevity and reducing stress daily as a single target, from my experience; 

  • Having someone who is looking out for you simply texts or DM's a message daily to check up on your status. It's very stressful to undergo alone. So even a daily check-in this way helps reduce the stress.
  • Getting a real nutritionist at your level (some work on sliding scale) to address personal requirements and needs. Though some are totally free and do podcast. Sometimes, nutritionists or Physical Training prep is actually several levels below what some of us need (as I learned). When nutrition isn't up to par for lifestyle plus targeting stress;- it can make functioning more difficult even if it seems "less expensive" and "more doable". The better nutrition plan does keep  positivity high! 
  • Breathing and Meditation;- Everyone knows this by now. And to actually DO IT!!! is really important. It doesn't matter if it's saying a mantra 3x to clear the energy, or a 10-15 minute round of box breathing while following the online video. It doesn't need to be a full fledged 2-4 hour spiritual meditation session, which I loved to do  from 5-7AM on the beach DAILY. Find the time, take the step and say the mantra. Great Stuff.
  • Fitness plan;- yes, go for that 15-20 min. walk or swim. Or, just get into it and walk 7 miles on the treadmill to take the mind off of things. Whatever it is that works for you. Even if it's stretches and crunches off the back of the tailgate. 
  • Write an escape plan ON YOUR OWN. Because whatever situation you're in that you want to leave needs one. And, it may take over a year to make it happen. So, be prepared to accept that its going to take inner strength and resilience to see through. I wrote my escape plan, and I did finally execute it. However, "the Grass is always greener" needs to really weigh heavily against This is not as perfect as I could make it, have I done my best? did I do everything I could (that I know works) to make it better?
    • This is because, if the Targeting continues when you move;- all the friends and contacts that you have now -- wont be able to help you. And, you will be in a new place where trusting everyone all at once is ALOT more stress to take on. Moving is one of the top three stressors in life. So, now that I've done it as a Target, I do regret forcing my move because I wasn't prepared for the timing to be over 7 months off after relocating. I miss my co-workers and friends so, this move wasn't planned right. 
    • All of the issues of being targeted and loosing family and friends;- if it's not happening, if your friends are there, and there is moral and other support;- DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED or as INCONSEQUENTIAL. Because in Reality;- It is A ton of support if you're headed to a place of ground zero. 

Hopefully, this gives you my POSITIVES about the Targeted Individual Movement. Also, don't psyche yourself out too much. But do make the most of life's basics;- what I call the 4 F's (fitness, friendship, fun, food) to improve the situation. 

Peace out, 
Have a wonderful day!

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