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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Improvements to USA charitable work

USA has an ever growing divide between ultra wealthy and true undesirable homelessness. The progressive face of volunteer organizations is not so progressive. Imagine being on the cusp of poverty and volunteering 20hours a week or more to charitable causes. The poor have become the "slave labor" for volunteer organizations. Aside from some programs run for a small number of recent college graduates, there is no upside to volunteering for millions of Americans who sit at home watching political debates. Community Churches are being set aside for the true humanitarian and Environmental disaster that was created from decades of insulated issues.
By requiring Americans to put five hours a month into volunteerism would take some strain off the shorthanded volunteer situation that affects many organizations. To engage the American population at large in volunteering with focus on giving equal man hours to disabled Veterans, homeless, environment, women's crisis centers and other human rights focused issues will also educate Americans to the plight of those in humanitarian arena. And, to turn a small portion of the month into a way to hopefully;- help reduce crime.
I propose a cyclical round of service where volunteers are able to do simple tasks;- ie. Street cleanup, handing out blankets, serving in soup kitchen, etc. At a variety of organizations yearlong. Besides ungluing the reccomendations from employers alone, Being an actively good citizen should be on every American's resume.
Too often minorities and women are the only ones, too heavily relied on to inherit these massive public issues.
I studied multiple organizations throughout my life, and what causes burnout with strongly motivated and good willed organizers. Discovering that it is not only the lack of funding;- but also the general spiteful contempt of the working class that adds to the burden.
Many of us who are or were community organizers continuously have to restart due to the regular verbal and emotional stoning our volunters and co-workers receive from the US community. Unusually resilient organizations also can benefit from the added man hours to give 1st hand knowledge of issues to voter constituents.

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