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Sunday, January 12, 2020

2020 Reflections on Peace on Earth

The definition of Peace on Earth is no longer a non-violent practice by modern humanity. This is Globalist gaslighting at it's finest. Where non-violent agreements and measures are ignored by citizens as a practice of individual religious freedom. 

2020 Reflections 130-145;

All of human material life is finite. However, the Spiritual agenda should not hasten this existence of individuals and groups of legally defined biological organisms, humans, wetware, and patented life that is targeted for genocide. This are seemingly covert operations of both religious and military DNA discrimination.
While there are profound leaps in technology to put DNA into a spiritual framework;- the genetic memory of human survivors has evolved into a framework for creating and accessing the extremes of human biology to survive the atrocities of war.  While religions descended through history in heavily revised doctrines, these doctrines are adhered to by very few. It has become a doctrine of control and mistrust for those seeking to escape this newfound cage. 
There is a pure and simple issue of finite humanity, no matter if intended or not by any human being. The interconnectedness of existence in Earth realm is irrefutable. There is only expedient death without God or some unseen life force to bring us to salvation.

Public profession of one's religious should not incite war, violence or physical conflict of another. Conversely, non-violent tolerance of religious beliefs is needed from everyone.
The differences between religious freedom as a spiritual frame or lense through which to intercept life is a device to have an interaction. While human history has has always kept leaders who write their followers to violence; there are few, if any leaders who incite their their followers to violence;- the are few, if any leaders who incite their followers to Non-violence as a means to peace.
There are three types of peace-keepers of direct action today;
1. Violent mercenaries who take individual lives.
2. Non-violent humanitarians who rescue the wounded from physical and emotion harm.
3. Arbitrary third party who are able to move those endangered to safety to a calm ecosystem.

--- Reflection 130 regarding Technology;
Due to the exacting manipulation of political targets, it is no longer assumed a targeted individual can single handedly breach any type of electromagnetic attack.
And it is, as practiced by common perpetrators, increasingly easy for a child to achieve skills to dismantle an unsuspecting, remote person within 2years time. 
The old intelligence regime who sought to extract formidable immigrants and foreigners, violated many basic human rights with sleeper agents in the civil of realm. Or, they used a scapegoat to assume public blame in order to push thr targeted person to their legal jurisdiction. Additionally regarding persecution of similar people, such as foreigners who remained on Visa extensively; Intel was able, to again, domestically manipulate their new citizens in order to continue persecution, abuses, and public, social, psychological, financial, and physic tortures as well as numerous cultural and language freedom violations.

--- Reflection 131 regarding Political Community;
Isolated political development is ineffective two ways;
1. By cultists who control a group lead to terroristic action.
2. By hasty technology where controls on language expression are manipulated to create new leaders and replace the real actor.

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