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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

part 2 AREAL founder's Opinion on Targeted Individuals movement

On non-consensual human testing:
It's like being a lab rat, ok. Despite your 5g mobile device and a 3D TV you are practically a luddite human. You can't even utter an intelligible sentence with technological terms to express your abnormalities and perception of reality (Obstacles-- try to find the terminology).

The Vegan movement has had the Cointelpro infiltration and influencers who market a path back to meat eating. I suppose, I'm more dedicated to staying as vegan as humanly possible than my adhering to my most recent foray into the targeted individuals paradigm.
Did I say paradigm? Ahem. 
Yes, PARA-DiGm. 
Though I'm not willing to give up my personal story framework of my life as an unwilling behavioral research project, the Targeted Paradigm is a tough pill to swallow. And, the Targeted Individual paradigm framework is generously laid out by none other than;- those who are or were former CIA, NSA or General Intelligence Community employees.
Ahem...(silence* ....anyone smell the manure stinking off the range?)
So enter the compassionate, and kind hearted whistleblowers who save lives and educate the global public of the extreme military surveillance planned against them.
___fade out___
There isn't or Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of tolerance gel in the Targeted Individuals (#ti) movement. It only takes a tweet or two to loose followers or be shadow banned. Even if it's a simple conflicting belief, meaning if you aren't Christian, don't go here saying that. Whether or not it's about religious freedom, politics, or other values that make up other movements such as Veganism;  ie., Vegan-wiccan, VEGAN-Buddhist, Vegan-Krishna, Vegan-Bahai, Vegan-Agnostic, Vegan-Satanist, Vegan-Christian, Vegan-Israeli, Vegan-Vegan, etc.

There is some Globalist plot to drive everyone on the planet back to God, however noone knows quite how.  Anyway, it seems there is little space to contest GOD in the #ti movement without loosing followers. There is narrowmindedness, disrespect, and backstabbing around every corner. And, again;- many of the followers are former or current state actors in law enforcement as well as defense industry buffs. So, if MI6 wants to take a bite out of NSA or someone's honeypot girlfriend;- the SHTF pretty quick and minions will jump off any following like a herd of lemmings who saw the last Jaws bigwave surf contest. (Pan out to squirrel suits base jumping and the bright sun)
There is some salvation. 
There are some highly technical, and somewhat trustworthy (free) e-books written by a former NASA engineer and author on how the higher technology portion of being targeted by USAF reconaissance satellites, cell & microwave towers, and gps system works.  
If you're into technical guide books, this is the place to look for answers. The author also happens to be heading up a new civil rights group out of Texas. And, in its infancy, there are several criticisms being dished out in social media outlets between board members and other reputable independent reporters and activists.
This, can be a big turnoff for those trying to embrace the #ti paradigm. Some realize the emminent threats and seize the day with the #ti civil rights organization's non-violent toolbox of skills that have been tried and true centuries past to effectively make change. 
Another breath of fresh air*
There is some support.
For those who actually were plummeted to the pits of being unseen during the 2004-2005 CIA split;- some Patriots are reaching out to support some #ti's.  It isn't massive help of resurrecting your entire life and business;- but it's enough to generally dodge the bullet marked SUICIDED and get some activism in for a day or a week longer.  Some are able to graciously allow others to couch surf for a night for Rally's or meetings. It is a movement, some couch surfing is included.
Some aren't as open to discussing their travesties due to the um...big stench of being too involved in intelligence or defense technology, while other normal civilians grapple with this bizarre turn of events in realizing our governments?, DeepState, human traffickers, illegal immigrants, cartel, Isil, corrupt former Intelligence working for (China?), Or the global military state (global defense industry) is doing this covertly, take your pick. Generally, all the above are considered boots on the ground Gangstalkers. 
So complicated.
Like I said, there isn't a whole lot of 'tolerance gel' though some are generally unnerved, and understandably so. Generally you may find, most are average diversity of outgoing American types before the polarizing intelligence fiasco that left some of us scrambling to put vegan dogfood on the dashboard for a good road warrior episode. 
However, if you followed the CIA split and some deceased or now imprisoned conspiracy activists and whistleblowers from a decade or more ago;- that group which spewed hours and hours of lectures and talk about the 4th Reich....part 3 is coming due.

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