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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Founder's opinions about Targeted Individuals.

The word targeted, normally applies to modern warfare. And, given the exhorbant budgets of militaries worldwide; we can't forget about military contractors as individuals, cartel and guerrila warfare specialists, fusion center police and even K-9. 
All of these types of paws or boots on the ground, are paired with drone swarms and surveillance and implants. And, as we roll into the second decade of the new Millennium;- wireless brain to computer interfaces (BCI) are emerging in new markets globally. 
I think you have to take a really cynical point of view perspective of the world to approach the Targeted Individuals movement. Most normal 9-5ers see the world as an easy-going place, exempt from warfare of any sort, and trust in their coworkers and communities to maintain stability. The world of a targeted individual is not this same world.
Targeted Individuals are a new tech savvy crew who claim to be harassed by the most modern warfare elements in remote weaponry. Due to constraints on centuries old definitions of torture, under difficult to phathom, military and international Torture definitions and statutes;- human rights itself is now at a major crux in evolution.  
How do we define what human rights are when technology is used to assassinate global leadership as seen in Iran at the turn of the 2020 decade? That is to say, how can we challenge human rights when  dead leaders cannot secure diplomatic representation in front of supranational audience  at the UN? It is a world where living victims of Electromagnetic (EMF) torture must prove the stealthy technology by patent numbers and medical evidences beyond full testimony.
Just as the US Army was known for testing weapons on dogs in the 1940's; the wireless, radar, and EMF range broadened the stage of testing both psychological operations and cyberoperations, as well as remote crowd control to attack or 'test' on low profile human targets.
The rewrites of the Patriot Act and FISA have also put many legal, 1st generation USA born citizens in an isolated, informal diplomatic and foreign agent status, if not full on espionage suspects guilty before tried. For those who no longer have family relations stretched across boundaries, they are involuntarily committed or imprisoned due to any cause for questioning wartime authority.

Something must give way. For 45 or 50 USA States plus Puerto Rico;- the knowledge of military and technology companies testing high technology aka., the Super Technology is still something the movies barely let one see in documentaries. These top secret or ATS classified persons and projects can also be black projects and experiments.
Yet there is noone who has been able to produce enticing, truthful documentaries amidst the Targeted Individuals running narrative on social media and video channels. 
And sadly, the (now adult) kids of CIA, Defense industry contractors, or USAF and other military related psychological operations are being judged harshly by the less technology adept and knowledgeable, yet luddite, professionals. Getting word out about brain to computer interfaces (BCI) and remote neural monitoring (RNM) across generations around the globe is devestating for some. That is despite full on academic majors at the most elite intellectual and financial institutions in fields of neurotech, nanotech, biotech, and EMF related fields.
This isn't even a transhumanist projection of assimilated hive mind with mechanical impants. This is the nano world, the psychic world of EMF and frequency. The best op is the unseen. 

AREAL activists have direct experiences of common targeting. And, with the rise of fiscal military state powering out the less aggressive, live and let live institutions, we as a society are loosing collectively;- not only constitutional freedoms, but also our governments that maintained a type of non-violent domestic order.

AREAL Targeted Individuals largely are accumulating information about being assaulted by what is perceived to be the development of these weapons. Though some Targeted Individuals believe that it is a full on conspiracy. 

Regardless;- new organizations and call in conferences, as well as small followings of online chat and video channels are springing up. And the perpetrator stamp is used when targeted individuals have conflicting values. 

Sadly, all of this does affect the companion animals of these targeted individuals. So someone needs to speak up for the animals who are going through a forced extinction Holocaust process that military grade directed energy weapons are using. And the fires have started because there are more strategic and/or critical minerals to mine for the same defense industry that started the blazes. It is not one military;- it is the face of multinational weapons and defense companies that we are up against.

Our stories are testimony to the effectiveness and horrorific torture of these modern EMF weapons of all caliburs;- from nanotech to handheld to mounted lazers to drones and space wars satellites. And we must be grateful for the testimonies of this enormous change in battlefield. Where there was once hand to hand warfare, humanity has progressed to remote warfare. Where civilians were once left out of the equation, Weapons of mass destruction have become the normal operations for international peace keeping
since USA terrorists dropped the first nuclear weapons on two entire Japanese cities. 

Please think long and hard before condemning the targeted individuals who have suffered silently for years and decades. Many are still fearful of loosing the normal foothold of their lives while others struggle to maintain basic human rights. Yet many suffer through their torture indoctrinated by learned helplessness as groomed and non-consenting test subjects of the defense industries experiments. And, still some wait decades before feeling confident to share their stories.

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