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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Making a Human Rights Communication

List of 5 things below the definitions for this article:
Perpetrators and Attackers as any Government employee, official, or contractor (aka. State Actor) and includes public school officials, township commissions, police, CIA, NSA, military, etc.

Survivor -someone who has survived torture, psychological torture, assault, targeting, cultural violations, or any violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights by a Perpetrator and attacker aka. State Actor.

This is not legal advice. This is part of my experiences, as a new struggle against State Actors in the United States that can last a lifetime for First Generation Americans. And, it is part of a community conversation about putting information out to share how we, survivors of State targeting, survived the onslaught. 
Many survivors of USA or other targeting are left alone in the cold. There is a small body of work that is regularly shadow-banned for activists to work from as a guide. Though, over the past several years, fighting this has led to more activists creating videos to keep the stream of hope flowing. Some help phone, video, podcast lines have sprung up so there is a sense of normalization. However, they still don't insulate survivors from the abusers who login just to send attack energy at the survivors who have differing political or religious values. So, participating incognito is a precaution that should be taken. And, since some of the attackers (aka perpetrators) claim to be victims, the moderators aren't very aggressive to block them or set enforced rules for the online calls. I personally, find these calls to be very toxic, despite the positive intention. There needs to be a more secure environment for the diversity of survivors in USA especially, and all survivors of targeting.
The following is a list of simple and cost effective things that are tried and true. And, that can be done independent of a questionable group dynamic.
  • Breathing exercises are very very crucial. There are dozens, and some only take 15 seconds to complete. Some are more involved and go for 15 minutes to an hour. If there is only one thing you can change, DO THIS. New studies are proving that the brain needs to recover from toxic people. And, without proper care and positive, it's very structure can change. So,  breathing exercises initiate recovery from the spiritual interactions we have daily. We need to go deeper to heal completely. 
  • Keep a calendar just to put a RED slash through each day completed successfully. That is, not plugging appointments or critical meetings or tests in on it. And just letting that calendar be a representation of surviving another day successfully. You're here and that's all that matters, to you and to the multiplicity of survivors relying on your success. 
  • Say and/or listen to Affirmations while walking to or driving to work, school, a party, etc.
  • Meditate for any amount of time is great, however don't stay in a meditation group where members use the time to dish out work gripes and things they needed to get off their chest. This is a time where POSITIVE focus away from daily life needs to happen. It takes a lot to make adjustments in life, going outside or finding a quiet space at a library or park to do a page of spiritual reading and have unadulterated quiet.
Being an adult survivor of extreme persecution by the USA, I've endured many many extremely toxic and life threatening events, people, communities, schools, churches, jobs, organizations, and the list goes on. It's not a simple matter of trial and error in trying to find my place in American society. It is very deliberate attacks from USA's state actors themselves that created my need to become an activist. So, for those reading this who are in their personal bubble of judging others experiences in the USA;- please step back because this isn't the place.

After spending over a dozen years dedicated to healing, self improvement, and recovering from the main body of negative instances from the Mainland USA;- It is very toxic to regurgitate those instances in Human Rights related letters to the United Nations. This is due to the lack of help from any USA human rights group. It is a LAST RESORT without a statute of limitations. But, in order for things to possibly improve, it must be done. For other survivors seeking help and putting their personal stories out there in the Internet;- please be careful.  Many of us have already found that this only opens up an entry by sly and clever perpetrators who take those experiences and seek to exploit the vigilant soul that is left in us.
Some survivors don't survive these new attacks. There would be no need to write to the United Nations under UNESCO 104ex or UN 1503 if  the devastating bulldozing attacks on a targets life didn't lead to eminent death. Some survivors, are fortunate and find new spaces and places to live and move on. While survivors new to this dialog are still trying to accept being victimized within a grand scale frame. That is, being part of something larger than we ever fathomed from a globalist perspective, and that there are others who endure the SAME EXACT THING with different state actors.

So, you might ask how does a person survive this? It does take tremendous dedication and very careful selection of who is allowed in one's life. To Accept the fact that a majority of people, will be toxic and not compassionate. So, this conversation is reserved for a time when sharing is a better positioning of the survivor's choosing. It's not to say one is a snowflake. Use your own judgment of what industries are included in the list of perpetrators, and don't take interactions with anyone from those industries lightly. Don't even think those malicious or snide comments don't impact a human being in the long run. Create safe space and distance, even from friends and lovers without completely isolating yourself. We all know isolation of the survivor is part of their game. So, if a friend is not helping in creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere;- keep the long run in your mind.

It is saying that the normal citizen is simply oblivious and won't be a good support. That is if you consider the Wojak meme a good representation of who has been the least toxic in your life. Basically, everyone else puts themselves in a protective bubble of judgement. Judgement that is toxic to a survivor who has the legal battle of formalities ahead.  It's difficult for them if not impossible to get on your level. Forget it, is a better expectation to keep.  Many responses they offer a survivor come off cheeky at best, and hurtful insight that comes off badly from the survivor's perspective and can spin them back into shutting down. There are months and years ahead to communicate with the United Nations once a process has been initiated. This isn't a short fight. There is still a delicate spiritual balance to respect for any survivor.

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