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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Liberty vs. Libertine

Meet tonight 7PM Tuesday, at Barnes & Nobel Rockville, MD. The fine line of Liberty and personal freedom versus the Libertine who violates people's freedoms for their own is the overall theme. In time, I want a panel discussion of this topic that is interconnected from animal tests to non-consensual human testing of technology. And also environmental degredation and how land grabs happen by destruction of communities for Strategic minerals mining. 
Meeting at Barnes and Noble at Rockville, MD 7Pm upstairs tonight. My goal here is to submit and establish a book group to meet here regularly on targeted individual issues. I have a #tiLibrary booklist @imperialNewsJ on Twitter. And, Books by Richard Lighthouse are free on Barnes & Nobel. I do need book purchases for the space so, reading will be from a list. 

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