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Sunday, November 24, 2019

UN Questionnaire on Torture

I only had enough time to try to complete this inside 16hrs. It is alot of trauma I endured and I attempt to demonstrate my point of view, and how modern torturers act. 

“Psychological Torture and Ill-Treatment”

Questionnaire: Completed by Angela Meredith "Kikuchi" Kneale (AMK)

November 24, 2019

  1. Concepts, definitions and constitutive elements

(AMK) Standard Acts of Psychological torture/CIDTP are within standard prisoner facilities and can be experiential CIDTP acts identified by the public outside of such facilities, in any location, to create a sense of punishment and or subordination to the actor.  

Ie., Public Desecration of culture, murder of relatives, denial of cultural language freedom, denial of personal religious or spiritual materials and beliefs,  murder "sacrifice" of a newborn, use of psychotronic weaponry, non-consensual coordinated EM entrainment, weaponized drone threats. Prohibited and punished communication outside the host nation to relatives or family, denial of cultural, psychological, emotional, and general support. Additionally, Categorize any State actor or Surveillance personnel who uses a legal or banned psychologically invasive technology intended to; debilitate, terrorize, cause harm, and brainwash a person. These modern forms of entrainment torture  need to be categorized as psychological torture by a morally responsible agent with Radio Frequency, Microwave, Electromagnetic spectrum, Scalar, Drone, and or Satellite technologies. 


(AMK) Psychological torture is extremely invasive and has no boundaries. I want to point out that a person detained at Guantanamo Bay does not typically have immediate family, mother, father, siblings near them while held in containment. this obvious torture may be a different classification with many of the same elements of punishment and degrading treatment.  So, for the purpose of my general communication in this survey, I want that distinction to be acknowledged. Especially since tribalism and barbaric behaviors are generally socially oppressed between USA and Japan both High Income (HIC) nations. 

My case individually, as well as a member of Targeted Justice, focuses on the typical behaviors and opinions of Japan and USA since their prior wartime rivalry.  Hatred amidst the USA public is the basis of the torture I endure as a Nisei and Hafu. With 10 HVR1 genetic mutations, my DNA interested USA geneticists for biological warfare development and post A-bomb effects on a biological system. Per my mother; I know I was considered an organism whose DNA was patented by USA since my grade school years.  My parents threatened my life as destruction of an organism while making it very clear that they are owners and creators of my DNA. The discrimination and degrading treatment by those around me was very clear part of the psychological learned helplessness I experienced.

(AMK)  The Purpose is to identify a survivor in a set of torture victims who have been killed or are no longer fully competent and able to give an accurate report. The added value is that of identifying a witness to crimes against humanity by the State actors in order to identify tests and breaches of national security and agreements during war or peacetime. 

(AMK)  My personal example; Growing up as a toddler, My Japanese national mother shared the story of USA hospital workers who actually murdered my sister in front of her. My sister's remains were buried in 1970 and verified by Valley Forge Memorial Gardens in Pennsylvania. They told my mother she did not deserve to have a child because she is Japanese (national). My mother, while still a Japanese national, warned me that I could not trust anyone because I am her daughter and Japanese. That the USA, to which I was born a national, would try to murder me. And, that I could not expect my father to do anything since there was no police reporting for Japanese in the rural Bucks County, PA. I understood that I was trapped as a child. The physical abuse and MK Ultra protocols my parents and other adults used on me are also known Central Intelligence Agency torture methods (see case histories of MK Ultra survivors). I was also physically beaten in grade school while regularly mocked and ridiculed by teachers and classmates alike. My mother told me she didn't want to hear what happened to me as there was nothing she could do. This became complicated as she seemed to stop caring about my life, while my father had a similar attitude. So when my parents beat me regularly at home, they smiled and enjoyed hurting me. I felt I had no way to survive. When I was 10years old I contemplated suicide, as my mother instructed me to do if I could not handle the MK Ultra type testing and rapes anymore. She made it clear before the testing that she could not and would not help me. Yet that I should remember what she said to me in case something happened to her, since they were going to test on both of us. I felt helpless, even without prison walls. So many people in Quakertown, PA hated me. I was garbage and a 'mud' to them, a dirty Jap to the sons and daughters of my parents friends and my school teachers throughout grade school. I was a 'trained monkey' to the piano teacher, a President of (PMTA) Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association under US’s (MTNA) Music Teachers National Association. I held on for my life and took extra beatings for my brother by claiming everything was my fault.. My mother and father blamed me for everything and don't accept responsibility for their actions. My hopes of having people who genuinely care about my well being vanished.

It is verification that generally USA citizens did not care about me at a level that did not constitute torture and persecution of Japanese child. They operated on my mother in the 80's and my father told me she was dead. I didn't accept her as my real mom when she returned from the hospital and I was thrown outside in the cold by my father that night since she was angry with me. It damaged our friendship for the course of my life. We only had some minor understanding in 2005 after my brother’s death. She apologized that she did not allow me to choose and live in Japan at age 12. And she explained her intention in my childhood had been to move us to Brazil before things went wrong in the early 1980’s.

  My father and their friends told her I was pure evil and they both beat me nightly, often till I blacked out as it was ‘no cry’ torture. I had neck braces to wear from whiplash from the new caucasian Suzuki Piano teacher's instructions to my mother to beat me. The local government’s public school teachers made it known that I was garbage for being Japanese-American. Even at grade 9, once half of my face was black and blue from heavy head blows. The teachers and students did not care or show concern for my welfare. I was also the only Japanese-American or Asian in the school for many years. The private piano teachers were a few of the people who verified my mom as acceptable, only after she harmed me weekly and daily with repeated head blows and/ or dragging me off a piano bench by my hair and down a flight of stairs. This doesn't include my father programming me in my sleep or dropping me off at houses in the middle of the night under some continued version of MK Ultra. In essence I was psychologically tortured with degrading treatment daily at home and at school and Lutheran church, with few days without such abuse, over my kindergarten to grade 12 school experience, to age 17.

(AMK)  Psychological torture is clearly designed to cause long-term damage and limit the torture subject. Psychological torture is designed to create subordination and control of the subject as well as a loss of personal preference and independence. 

Non-invasive methods are simply defining a set topic of questioning and only allowing for a non-coerced and willful response.

  1. Prevalence and State practice

(AMK)  I was tortured under the MK Ultra linked  Alice Protocol after my mother’s personality altering and damaging cervical spine surgery. I also endured Psychological trauma through dream entrainment. I endured life threatening scenarios from Technology induced, and repeat nightmare dream entrainment that was prevalent during my elementary grade school years, until age 14.  MK Ultra style USMC problems to force me to quantum. The rapes were for soul flight said to enhance my psychic and remote viewing ability. However, it seems more likely that there is a false sense of walking the timeline and falling victim of the psychic farce. In that, it is a grand scale clandestine operation.

Also psychological torture lends itself to the Intel agencies and informants stealing my personal identity. I was made aware of this by Japan and my mother by age 5, and also of USA Intel working with Yakuza to harm me and my family.

 I strongly feel that USA news media is involved in such operations. They enact this torture outside known facilities without compensation to the torture victim(s). My USA national father inflicted severe corporal punishment with a leather belt on me from age 2. 

My Japanese national mother abusing me applies to 18 U.S.C. § 2340 (the "Torture Act"), whether or not she was under duress or coercion by US state actors until she naturalized in the later 1980’s. Subsequently, I must claim myself an attachment to a trafficked individual who is the Japanese National mother to whom I was born in the USA. My father was USAF OSI warrant officer E6 with ATS classification, declass 2001 to the best of my knowledge. 

(AMK)  Punishment for being Japanese descent and psychological torture of myself in my immediate family and neighborhood. Lee Clymer told my father, veteran and former USAF OS, that my brother needed to be killed after I anonymously called the ATF about Mr. Lee Clymer's illegal gun running operation my brother was forced to participate in as his employee. My father was completely willing to comply with Mr. Lee Clymer's request without question or hesitation. I overheard their conversation. They had both met with my brother to force him to think about spectacular funeral arrangements by burning his body on a Viking style funeral pile. My brother, also born half Japanese to our mother while she was a Japanese National.  I overheard this. So, after my brother was killed, my father was happy Mr. Clymer was being a good friend. My father threatened my life as well and has tried to have my mother kill me to show him her loyalty , and to spare her life from his death threats. It is pure hell for me legally, psychologically, financially, and has destroyed my adult life, gainful work, and friendships.

I am still living under duress with some death threats and knowledge of unofficial police intent covering up anyone who murders me. However, the Bucks County community is impressing that my father who was Declassified in 2001 to murder me and my mother. It is a nightmare situation for me. It is clearly due to my Father's ATS clearance and others influencing him to use "protection of my mother" as suitable means to inflict torture, regardless of formal diplomatic and common sense diplomacy between nations. Whereas, I and my siblings would have had protection under another Treaty (Vienna Convention) as grandchildren of a Japanese official. That does not discount my relation as a niece to those involved in Japanese National security and/or infrastructure. The USA state actors including my Father tell me they have no knowledge of who my family relation is in Japan. Some refute that I'm Japanese because I'm a mere "indigent ethnic" to them, mark quotation is used directly at my by my father former USAF OSI and a printer by trade with rare, special skill sets.

Additionally, I was told to accompany my mother in a black transport to view the cremation of my brother's deceased body. They claimed that it is part of giving us our Japanese culture. And the Bucks County area police did not investigate his death, which was allegedly by an unmarked sawed-off shotgun shot to his head. Rather, my parents, the Akita dog and I  separately found his grey body in the field. 1st my father found him, then my mother, then the Akita led me to his body. 

Since the incident, Bucks County police and others have been persuading my father to murder me and blame me for his death. More psychological torture to me. They have been flagrantly open about murdering me from 05/2005 to 9/2018. My father pulled a 9mm on me in 10/2014 and the local police erased all records of my 911 call for assistance.

(AMK) I cannot think of an example that is not tainted. However, when I went to Hawaii in 2009, Sir Li prevented me from returning to Pennsylvania for fear of my life. He was DOE and a US military contractor at the time and a disabled veteran Green Beret.  Again my professional life was dismantled and the path I lived on was questionable to me since I was aware I was being trafficked in the mildest sense of USA national laws in the State of Hawaii before 2015. I was supposedly spared from the imminent threat from Pennsylvania based state actors until I returned to Pennsylvania. However my personal integrity was compromised. 

UN CAT;-  Convention Against Torture Article 22. Article 14.

18 U.S.C. § 2340 -2340A (the "Torture Act")

American Jurisprudence Citizens & Aliens;- 2142 Removal of aliens who have fallen into distress

I have not been able to access to any caselaw addressing the lasting effects of USA internment Japanese Nisei as psychological torture. 

Amendment VIII of the United States Constitution

IHL, Canada;- Rule 90. Torture, cruel or inhuman treatment and outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment, are prohibited.

Japanese Internment - psychologic impact of indefinate confinement  torture.

  1. Consequences and challenges

(AMK)  Challenges are written in USCA 50 code and allow feds to gainfully seize assets of immigrants and 1st generation Americans under FISA related surveillance. This is simultaneously while immigrants  and trafficked individuals (American Jurisprudence Citizens & Aliens: 2112 see Aliens & Citizens Jurisdiction under Federal Tort claims act. 2167 "Qualified Alien". 2168 Qualified Alien victim of a severe form of trafficking.) 

2142 Removal of aliens who have fallen into distress, have little time and access to legal resources to request USA return them their other native home for falling into destitute. This subsequently criminalizes the torture victim with additional legal assassination and entrapment by USA state actors. And, becomes a critical clandestine operation in other instances.


The United States ultimately took away my normal means of livelihood in teaching piano even though it was questionable as to the cultural implications. Additionally, the shift forced me to be an exotic dancer beginning at age 34 and to ultimately destroy my professional credibility. They forced me into an industry with obviously questionable customers which proved to overlap with the entertainment industry over time. The funds I made as a dancer were largely then used by a DOE contractor or Federal agent. I was permitted to eat, train, and have a minimal residence that I supported through a small number of piano lessons. However,  understand that his entitlement on the federal level meant he could have taken everything from me, not just the immediate cash funds in made at the clubs in Honolulu.

(AMK)Please see attached articles.

Due to the ATS clearance of my USA father, disclosure of my torture was not permitted. I was instructed by my Japanese National mother to commit suicide when I could no longer live through the torture, testing, degrading treatment, and abductions, abortions, and sex assaults. I have endured as best I could to tell my own story. There is  extreme bias and conduct at the local courts and state and federal levels so that I am unable to proceed with any lawsuit at ANY level domestically or remedy the situation due to statute of limitations and lack of victim compensation. 

(AMK) It seems that the perpetrators who had full awareness, of the Istanbul Protocol  reverse engineered it for torture. It seems to merely leave one to evaluate levels of hostile impression management for escalating armed conflicts and war.

For victims of torture who have not been formally arrested and detained;- many measures of the protocol are simply exhausting if not self defeating to embark on as a solitary reporting method. Especially since isolation, abduction, or unplanned forced relocation jeporadize and compromise integrity of evidence in the absence of the torture victim.  And, the amount of critical self-funding and access to reliable and certified equipment and practitioners needed to complete the legal evaluations is the major downfall.

The Istanbul Protocol manual takes  time when majority of international incidents are critical. Unless the torture victim is able to find safety and time to complete it, it is nearly impossible to do as a self report. Rather, a reliable and public alert system should be in place with security measures for safety. 

Ie., My personal example of USN ET nuclear engineer who attempted to murder me forced me to take an ambulance to the Emergency room. If I had not taken the ambulance I would have faced arrest. My  MRI showed some swelling from strangulation. Yet Police downgraded the event to domestic violence and broke a stay away order and did not release the assailant to proper Military Police. Yet I was left with approximately $10,000 USD in hospital charges and thrown out on the street in Hawaii.

  1. Best practice and recommendations

(AMK)  It is nearly impossible to overcome any bias, hierarchies, or misconceptions when I am dehumanizes by those who view Japanese as a perpetual USA enemy. I am persecuted relentlessly as a Japanese Nisei. I do not like to call myself Japanese-American since America has sought to destroy me psychologically, culturally, and with imminent threat in most cases. However they accept I am Japanese in all instances of sexual exploitation and sex assault. 

Reluctantly, Japan and larger Japanese populations underestimate the adverse impact that common cultural norms have in the USA population. The wreckless portrayal of Japanese women imported in USA culture causes direct justification for sex assault and rape and sex slavery as misperceived cultural norms to be imposed. It is difficult to overcome at any age and from any respectable profession as a Japanese female.

(AMK) Over 44 years of my life, USA Americans have had  total disregard for formalities aside from contentious behaviors to set legal precedence internationally from within their own borders. In my case in particular, it is as if someone went through and did clandestine ops in order to break nearly every major law in order to demonstrate immunity from prosecution. I have a list of laws that intertwine with the initial and revised FISA where perpetrators have excelled at entrapping and trafficking me throughout my life. And where laws were broken as collective discrimination to enable their use and justification of FISA abuses since 1978. That would otherwise prevent someone from being forced to serve as a foreign agent, as my mother did to distribute funds to Japanese. They forced other Japanese nationals into destitute and refused them ample welfare funds. My mother in turn was forced to serve as a foreign agent in order to distribute foreign funds. This in turn harmed me in every way humanly possible. Thus, aside from MK Ultra, I see dozens of violations by the USA in USCA 50 and with regards to immigrants. That is not to dismiss dozens of sexual assaults, the deaths of my siblings, abductions I survived, and other murder attempts by State actors that the police downgraded. In all cases I was left without shelter despite VAWA laws that could have been used when I addressed it before a judge.

(AMK) Science and law are largely based on scholastic theories. Legal case knowledge of morally responsible agents of a technology used in psychological torture is still based on educating lawyers on basic and highly technical evidences. There are few, if any public forensic units available adept with collecting evidence of the most modern technologies used by governments. Industries that essentially have a monopoly on such technologies are self motivated actors and capitalists. And, those with both legal and technical backgrounds are normally recruited to these monopolistic industry companies. It is akin to the monetary system itself with intaglio printing presses. 

The public needs to have access to adequate and free forensic research dedicated to documenting tortures for the victims

(AMK) State funded travel and care from a victim's support of choice. And, state funded family visits for the victim. Including residence and support for self-care in a non discriminatory, non persecutory  social environment, such as a nation or city, that is appropriate (including suitable security measures for the victim.). 


  1. Miss.Kneale i realized after so many years living in this life that their is no such thing as a perfect person .I am a survivor of dysfunctional family none in my family were perfect human beings but i managed forgive and move forward with my life and love them all from a distance. Even though the bad out weighed the good i try to think about the few positive moments i had with my beloved parents and siblings. I to ,am a T.I but i realized so were my parents and i suspect ,even though they won't admit to it because out of fear or recourse, that some of my siblings are to.
    My condolences for your suffering an loss my beautiful T.I sister Angela .Much of my heart goes out to you .i send you my Love and i pray the very Best for you Angela.Continue to be strong and stay safe, you have a Great day Sweetheart 💖🙏💖

    1. Thanks for sharing your healing!
      Many people have the courage to heal at a distance. Sometimes, we find deeper healing when we write and document the journey to peace and calm.