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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

AREAL Merchandise behind schedule

Eco-friendly question of the day;
Do Hypocrites print vinyl stickers? Or is it Ok?  We have T-shirts up on T-spring for Earthday 2020.
Preview of biodegradable coasters on different colored surfaces.
I, yes me alone, decided to forgo ordering stickers on the first sample run after bearing witness to several garage sales where stickers of all types, including surf were laid out for sale. Some collections were over 1000's in piles laid out on coffee tables. So, instead of adding to pre-printed landfill supply;- We decided to preprint coasters. A little more useful and considerate, potentially avoiding the soggy bar coasters too. Will make select stickers available for purchase online. 
However these look great and I was encouraged to order a small run of them to keep in stock.

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