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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Animal Cruelty in Neural Impants and IoBNT testing

 The Animal Cruelty associated with these technologies is straightforward in test and usage: The signals used cause painful and torturous damages.

Consuming flesh - burns in flesh and cells from testing.

The ampacity of some nanotubes is greater than normal metals- and can handle lightning--while the flesh is not meant for such a feat.

Animals can't discuss UHI -- formerly known as "Havana Syndrome". Only symptoms of injuries up to severe brain injury and death will even be witnessed by another person. And there are potential complications with MRIs for the implanted or injected due to the magnets potentially moving the implanted fibers, threads, nanoparticles, and chips to an inappropriate or painful location.

Other health complications from thermal degradation (melting) or toxicity of the metals, Nano-particles, synthetic polymers, fiber optics, and glass beads.

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