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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Group(s) for Emergency Simulation of Industrial Herds

Numerous animal health emergencies arise for industrial agriculture animal herds. The past weeks have shown substantial natural disaster damages to establishments (aka: farmland) the herds live on. There is a huge lack of response readiness to rescue these animals within the minutes if a horrific flood strikes. 

Though we do not advocate for putting anyone at risk in an uncontrolled disaster setting; we realize the largescale tragedy of immediate herd and animal losses. Some herd loss is due to viral outbreaks, and the shock of these losses is disturbing to the public at large as images circulate in the UFO and conspiracy theory channels.

In addition to past industrial animal viral outbreaks, non-food animals may soon be added to the list of microbe-resistant concerns with animals raised for consumption. This companion animal issue was discussed in April 2021 at the OIE meeting.

Though, longstanding groups or commissions such as the OIE - World Organization for Animal Health formed in 1960 can assist in preparedness and stimulation for veterinary care: https://www.oie.int/app/uploads/2021/03/dd-oie-guidelines-for-simulation-exercises.pdf 

Please check their website or contact them with serious questions and concerns. 


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