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Monday, November 22, 2021

Homestyle Tomato Stew

Ingredients: 5-6 lbs Organic tomatoes peeled and drained (save the juice for a quick tomato drink). 3-6 stalks of celery with leafs, 3 medium sized vidalia onions, 4 tbsp. olive oil. (1/2 tsp salt - or to taste).

Enough for a potluck. 

 Back in the day, as a young budding vegan, we had tomatoes from our family garden. My mom used to make a tomato stew and jar it in big mason jars. I enjoyed eating it on my rice in the winter. Sometimes adding a dash of shoyu to the mix. This is a modified version of what she used to make with a few minor alterations. And, it's a great place to use up any veggies left in the fridge as an addition. 

Basic directions are at the bottom and read from right to left: 

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