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Sunday, November 28, 2021

This Pandemic Time

 Wishing everyone a warm and hearty Holiday season through the New Years celebrations!

There are so many people arguing for and against human testing, consensual or non-consensual, coerced and under duress and economic strain and uncertainty. Please remember that we are against animal tests because they rarely emulate results in human beings. In the USA, in 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) saved animal lives from single chemical tests. In Japan, in 2018 a class of canines was relieved of 365 daily pesticide testing and slaughter to obtain test results. Nations are beginning to eliminate the need for senseless animal suffering and torture in their labs.

The EPA has cited 2035 as a year to end numerous animal tests on mammals. Many 5g and mind control signals tests are conducted in labs on fish. One zebrafish study on schools of fish is a behavioral study. This means they zap one fish's brains with a signal to see how it affects other fish. Though many of these animal studies are demonstrations of bio-nano technologies, the strength of the close-range signals on the remaining fish is also being studied. There are many perspectives to these animal studies that make it cruel for an entire population to endure. And additionally, the bio-nano technologies that are used can impact the terrestrial and oceanic animal populations. Bio-nano technologies are a combination of a mold, toxic mold, toxic fungus, or other interesting parasitic forms combined with signals receptive materials such as titanium oxide or PFAS beads and Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOF). 

And, while people are making comparisons of prior animal vaccination failures due to leaky vaccines such as Marek, the eradication and banning of Rinderpest vaccines and the Rinderpest stock to make vaccines; Humans are not the same as animals. It is stunning that arguments about human individuality are being made in comparison to genetically modified and/or gene-edited (spliced) or cloned animals in industrial agriculture-- animals who are unable to move in cramped conditions and in close contact with others destined for slaughter. 

Though it is important to be aware of past cases of viral outbreaks;- new laws and policies concerning companion animals such as domestic dogs and cats instead of horses, are being considered due to microbial resistance developments. If you care about your companion animal and their legal future in this evolving environment please heed the warning signs about their reclassification in terrestrial animal health.  Do your own research.

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