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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Toolkit & Victim's rights

 In August 2021, we launched a new website dedicated to researching implants, signals technology, and cyber issues.  In 3 pages, it's jam-packed with sites and documents to delve into.  There is no forwarding domain (due to errors in website forwarding). And documents can be shared via DropBox.


This emanated from the slew of people discovering the new transhuman "targeted individual's paradigm".  

However, Angela decided that the NSA whistleblower lead public perspective of this "international" human rights movement can be detrimental to international families and persons. That is to say that the many former federal employees working within legal USA frameworks have more options than someone who is in a foreign nation. Victims in other nations are frequently imprisoned. Very convenient for any backlash to the surveillance abusers.

 The willingness to call oneself a 'victim' has different connotations and legal implications in other nations-- implications that lead straight to prison-- no matter if the court hearing is won or not. Nations other than the USA, such as Japan, immediately send victims to jail. Recently, in October 2021,  one Japanese activist tweet let everyone know that a "noise campaign" court hearing lost by a victim landed them in prison after the hearing. Victim's rights still do not exist in many modern nations today. 

This fact alone seems to shout "set up" of victims by the USA surveillance abuse offenders. Please see DoD 5240.1-R procedures that are used internationally and domestically. Procedure 5 includes signals and non-consensual use of the signals. Procedure 13 includes Human Testing outrightly. 

There is plenty of new material that is passed around for personal dossiers (court bundles). However, it's not a straightforward human rights success to go to court. There are new methods of reconciliation being used, though it is another article for civil rights tactics. 

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