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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Better times to adopt an animal

Focusing on the happy and positive aspects of life are easier in a positive economy. For many families who try to fit into USA mainland culture;- having a companion family animal is actually an economic burden in spite of the compassion and "upstanding person" status.

The emotional attachment or bonding with a furry friend is heartbreaking for both sides when bills push life to the edge of disaster. And one veterinary emergency can cost well over $400. Even if you think nothing bad will happen, medications run much higher at full cost and then multiply it by 5, than those comparable for humans ie., prescription Eye drops.

During great Economic times, it's easier to cover these expenses. Also, when families are younger before ailments of old age set in. The less accident prone animals are usually disabled and some learn to be attentive to the house activities and alerting their families to forgotten things. They are however a far cry from service animals with helpful training. They can sometimes trip up their elderly family members on a staircase or by suprise, causing an accident that can harm either party.

So when you have the time and energy, the money, and money to cover housing costs and rent in another lockdown;- may be a better time to have a companion. In the meantime, fostering animals or volunteering at an animal shelter may be an easier solution. 

The flip side to this is trying to curb loneliness in an affordable way. Sometimes an animal can provide more emotional support than expensive therapy sessions. But is equally vulnerable to any toxic relationship a single person enters.
 Right now I am remembering the news of domestic violence shooting of a dog in Maryland. And an Instagram news report of a dog that was found hanged off a bridge in Hawaii. Both, Truly horrific and threatening actions where the animal's caretaker could have suffered serious injuries or death.

Also, the possibility of the animal caretaker dying unexpectedly or being hospitalized has risen. While economic downturns mean animal shelters are short staffed and underfunded to take in most animals who need shelter and rehoming.

So please, if you can spay and neuter any animals do it. Irregardless of the length you can keep them with you. It helps others help them going forward. And also decreases a population explosion within 3-6 years. Animal people can become exhausted and calloused from being the responsible adults for communities, and blamed for the shortcomings of other's decisions.

 Many people do have kind hearts, yet live on their own means without a seemingly endless expendable income for the animals. Please set aside something for your local community, or that one animal who you may help by trap and release. You'll spare hundreds of thousands of future puppies and kittens life from horrendous conditions to protect what little wildlife exists.

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