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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How Mainland USA Derails Mixed Race Personalities

'Microaggressions',  what does that mean exactly to someone who is locked into the dominating Euro-centric mindset in the USA? 

by Angela M. (Kikuchi) Kneale 

It may not be outright hatred, however after decades of organizing experiences in the USA I cannot differentiate between racial hatred and cultural assassination. USA generally views Acceptance as something akin to an idealistic and compartmentalized Epcot Center project.
However, there is a growing population of mixed race individuals in the United States of America. And, mainland United States does not promote a peaceable paradigm and does use culture to mentally institutionalize individuals as a form of economic slavery.

There needs to be a separation of USA's traditional slave culture approach to diversity. 
Many individuals like myself are from multiple cultures where we are not persecuted as slaves. Yet when we are put into the typical USA paradigm, there is an immediate cast class put on us in an effort to suppress and assassinate us. There is largely little support for our own cultural values, traditions, and foods. Instead USA mainstream culture seeks to capitalize on minority market segments and use anyone as a cultural actor to create political clandestine operations from within the USA. So, in other words, the dominant capitalist traditionally creates a conversation that intends to EXCLUDE us from our own cultural bases because they choose to violate basic human rights to culture under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Not only does it assert destruction of cultural appropriation, this has become part of the average mainstream American experience of minority and culturally diverse cuisines and people. It is intentional tool for USA intelligence agencies to maintain its foreign policy and harm some of us who have considerable family relations in politics abroad. And, USA foreign policy and domestic perceptions have been and continue to be maneuvered around segregated, idealistic, compartmentalized American minority communities.

Loose ends

Is it an extension of MK Ultra to normalize minorities and 1st generation Americans to a segregated population?
What are the effects on the cosmopolitan and multicultural person?
How does this affect interacting with diverse family?

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