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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Persecution versus Discrimination

In 1993, I began a quest for tofu in the dining hall at Ithaca College as a vegan and Japanese-American ni-sei. That quest turned into a group named AREAL and the next 7 years of my life devoted to furthering veganism and animal rights. Amidst the campaigning I did nationally beyond the scope of AREAL, I had discussions and independent studies concerning my human rights with feminists and attorneys.  2019 I made my own individual communications to the United Nations under Procedure 1503 concerning Torture Treaty. Additionally, some small part of my individual complaint/ communications may be more appropriate for UNESCO 104.

Due to the United Nations timeline; I do not expect any remedy before I die. However, I want to suggest that the United Nations require. The United States of America require its citizens to be fluent in a non-eurocentric language to enter Human Rights law.

Since I will likely be deceased by the time my United Nations Communications is addressed in any manner that will improve my life, AND I cannot afford more schooling;-  I am asking the International community to hold the United States of America responsible for the atrocities they committed that have been forgotten. Additionally, I am asking the International Community to protect their cultures by refusing Euro-centric American arts spending amidst their elite. This behavior does not lend itself to non-globalist cultural preservation in any capacity. The mockery that many of USA's elite artists have made of my life is atrocious, with or without apologies.

 MY REASON for this WISH request is for their violation of my language freedom in Japanese and torturing me with physical and sexual punishment in elementary school "speech therapy" to stop speaking Japanese. Later they mocked me in Quakertown High School with a Satellite course called SERC that taught basic Japanese I knew as a toddler. They said, look we can learn better than you. It was followed up in Higher Education in the Ithaca community. They told me if I want to speak Japanese I would have to pay $50,000k a year in 1994 because me speaking to my Japanese mother, who was a School teacher and Diplomatic Guide in Japan, was not acceptable. Additionally, they prevented her from calling me and have instructed her to cooperate with my brother's murderers if she is to live. This sadly is the truth of what the USA and CIA and USAF with NASA have been for the DURATION of my life in the USA.  This is part of my communications with the United Nations which crosses a line of torture and cultural prohibition.

Over the past four years, I have faced the saddening and heartbreaking reality of my life in the United States of America. This includes reframing my perspective according to those in the Intelligence community at large. MY REALITY, IN THIS CONTEXT IS UNBEARABLY HEARTBREAKING. So, it is with great sadness that I am also a victim of the United States of America who took action against me and my family since I was a child. The United States never made true amends with Japan after targeting the Japanese Steel industry with Abombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And, with great misfortune, I was born in the USA as a niece to one of Japan's founding families in infrastructure.
For the past 15 years, since 2004, I have lost financially due to USA extreme patriots and/ or the Deep State with their legal doctrines; the Patriot Act and FISA. My immediate family that I was born into lost both my Sister and Brother to targeted murders in Quakertown, Pennsylvania since 1970. Additionally, my mother was unable to report my sister's murder due to persecution. However, she shared her story with me nightly at bedtime.  I grew up understanding that I too would be murdered by those who detest Japan and why. While growing up in Quakertown, Pennsylvania in Bucks County, USA I was beaten daily at school and persecuted. This is very different than normal discrimination since my mother was also still a Japanese national into my teenage years. And, white supremacists in Bucks County took great pride in making this my story about the United States, in every way they intentionally and deliberately aimed to harm my life in every way possible since my birth. For them, I refused to write the book they wanted about my perspective. They have mocked me for decades and used their children, my classmates to make additional political statements and international incidents.

Many US citizens didn't respect my choice of nationality. Additionally, my own parents did not respect my wish to remain in Japan, where I had made friends in school, at the age of 12. I was told to stay in the United States repeatedly due to conflicting laws of Japan and USA surveillance including FISA since its inception in 1978. My duty to Japan, was to make contacts for non-nuclear proliferation. That means I was here to make lasting friendships so that peaceable global business without Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) such as the A-bombs would follow.

And, Today I have spent over 10 years deliberating filing a formal United Nations Complaint.
And, I spent another 3 years trying to fight back my tears of realizing how harmful those people in my life have been, and how many are or were State actors for the USA to cause these international incidents.

It has not stopped.
The fact is that my family specifically was a USA target since the Abombing. And, that they never stopped. What is the most heart wrenching is that this involves my father as a State actor from the beginning. And after that the list of perpetrators becomes lengthy with local, state, federal, and military actors with significant USA civilians, including persecutory attorneys and their lackeys, and their children causing deliberate physical, financial,  cyber, mental, and emotional damages wand other continuous harm to me and my mother.

Today is 2019, nearly 44 years since I was born into this torturous hell the United States bestowed upon my life. I have blogged at Sproutfuel.com in an attempt to navigate the terse environment since 9-11. And, as I shared my story my despair also has increased.

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