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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Founder's note

It's really difficult to be a good person in a place that has attracted those who have less desirable social qualities. Tolerance, understanding, and compromise to facilitate a respectable community is challenged, if not attacked outrightly.
Through 43years of my life, I have experienced the many different facets of being an activist and organizer as a default means of surviving USA's brutality. That is to say, every attack of persecution against my person since I was in the womb. USA's corrupt and libertine intelligence agencies and black projects affected the entire course of my life.
And, as a child, I made a promise to myself to fight these people, who were also my neighbors and in my very tiny neighborhood.
Today, there is a growing movement of targeted individuals. Some are innocent crime victims who have no means for compensation. Some are not innocent and did engage in activities that are questionable for financial gain. Others are victims of the intelligence agencies and have been put through a range of unconstitutional social engineering programs and protocol, character assassination for war impression management, to those who are non-consensual technologies testing victims. 
This does not discount the thousands of families and children who have been broken by human traffickers, those who use lives for their own monetary gains in many human industries. 
Today, we are no longer confronted with simple moral issues of the rights of any being, cells of creatures, animal to human that sought to break free from the gross bounds of blatant slavery, abuse, torture, and death.
Environmental destruction follows in the aftermath of the destabilization of communities, and this is happening world wide. 
For any human to pass judgement on any other human who does not express their political or family ties is no longer a "domestic and local issue" to America. The perpetrators have numerous look-alike or doppelganger agents to sway the political fabric of any nation.
The psycopathy we are facing at home, in our home nations is stretched between legalities and direct actions of our perpetrators. It is often counterintuitive to normal commonsense to survive the attacks. 
Together, citizens across the world are having a discussion about the perpetrators enabling this widespread destruction where every person counts.
I*t begins in your community, with a corrupt neighborhood watch or town association and planning commission selling out to a bigger company. The easy targets for them are the hardworking elderly and single minorities.
Other targets are activists who put up resistance to these "black projects" that ultimately enable new electromagnetic weapons to be tested on the human population.
Many share similar stories to learn that they are not alone. We are at a new point in human history where It's time to make a new history and fight these injustices.
After many decades of my own organizing and activism;- I learned we now have a need to join together to revise the perceptions of innocent defense industries, their shareholders, and their impact on our everyday lives. And, We must hold them accountable globally for the most atrocious violations against the fabric of life on this planet.

Please keep posted and join me in your area soon to help begin a new chapter and voice your concerns.

Angela M.  Kneale
Founder of AREAL

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