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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Terrorist Watchlist boarding & Human rights inside the USA as Japanese-American Nisei.

Today I was contacted by CAIR
They informed me of their parameters that must be present of one flight to consider taking a case with regards to the Terrorist Watchlist;- 
1.    4SSSS designation on boarding pass
2.    Chemical Swab
3.    Fingerprinting
4.    Carry-on luggage not allowed (in cabin or in luggage)
5.    TSA or Agent pulls aside to speak with you
6.    Sent to a seperate line for body search.
7.    Not permitted to board flight or flight ticket cancelled.
8. FBI and or federal agent at airport intervenes in some way.

They do not take gangstalking cases by white supremacists and others from fusion centers and police.

Though I personally had several of these things on seperate flights at different airports it did not prevent my travel.

And,  my plane flight cancelled tickets by an unknown 3rd party a foreign policy  was issue of the United States. This may be prevented travel freely which goes into another United Nations complaint ans violation of my human rights.

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