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Saturday, March 7, 2020

ISR and Hawaii in Cybertorture

ISR is Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance is now used with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning that is teamed with a human.
Why is CYBER TORTURE an important issue?
ie. Waikiki Oahu. It is home to the Uber Rich and US military in the Pacific Theater who do negotiations and military intel on China. This makes OAHU a completely wired target of advanced technologies in cyber warfare, not only by the USA but occasionally by all other nations when RIMPAC occurs. Not only are there some patents for these advanced technologies;- but Elon Musk announced they no longer patent these technologies for fear of China stealing them. These patents are part of the Crux at winning cases related to non-consensual testing and cyber torture.
Many Oahu residents I spoke with experience abnormal psychological issues that are actually caused by Electromagnetic targeting. This means that ANY cell phone can be used to target the person's cochlear(ear and hearing) with wireless #5g technology as they pass the Lagoon on Waikiki Beach. That is one of many places in the Pacific Theater.
Other issues involve odd dreams en masse. Those signals can be run off a microwave or Radio tower and also have patents with the US NAVY. It is easy to look up at the USPTO website.
If you experience anything like this, it is important to keep a notebook.
The new designation of Cyber Torture is complex. However, it is very important to have it due to the psychological misdiagnosis of advanced technologies.

The really sad part is that these technological capabilities were known well back in the 1900s.
However in mainstream thought over 3 generations, people have forgotten what was prevalent in the 1960s and 70's when microwave ovens came out on the market.
There is a vast amount of information to delve into. However, most people don't have the time to build their own cases, let alone get 3PHD's to understand this technology fully.

We are doing our best to develop information that is concise and explanatory for the general public.

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