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Sunday, May 31, 2020

some background info from founder:-

It's been a long COVID19 lockdown.
And, things are less than perfect, in the old sense of perfect, finally.
I have a few things to write as a 1st generation mixed race female born to an foreign national turned US immigrant mother. And it's not a bad thing that Japan put forth the Kyoto Protocol when I started my more hardcore activism, or ended it with my dream project being sidelined by Cointelpro tactics before 9-11.
Through the early 2000's I learned that USA's SBA In NY & PA were racially biased towards me. And, that essentially, due to the white privledge or black privledge, my project with my family abroad was not acceptable. They started by challenging the validity of my immigrant mother and I was prevented from obtaining any record of her immigration. Later I learned from others that the only time Asian women were or are allowed to use SBA in the States is through a 'pimp" or what is known as a human trafficking white or black male who uses his "good name" to back the application of minority female loans. It is a form of human trafficking by the usa, and EXIM in my family abroad is too volatile to allow such a business form to be acceptable. 
This is much different than the conservatorship wealthy people use to take funds of their "creative" yet disagreeing relatives.

So, despite all my efforts, the USA has put walls in front of me at every turn. 
And, I'm sharing this today since I am in the midst of a conversation about US Sanctions due to human rights violations against people from the Asian Continent and Japan. Again, due to the COVID9 attacks on Asians in European and American nations with predominantly Caucasian populations.  

As far as global trade goes, there is no reason to support growth of nations who support such values. USA APEC 2011 was a failure among ASEAN Nations by 2006. That is to say half a decade before TPP protests and anti-Asian sentiment rose up during Obama's administration.

So notice, USA shut me out of the loop of being able to use any options available to me. And, at every level, has put federal agents and/or large men who are undercover in my path. This repeat practice has resulted in my having to write to the UN. That writing doesn't create a solution for me personally. However it does affect and impact other business persons who have favor in the USA business system to go into Asia and support use of sweatshop labor and environmental exploitation.

So, today after I just witnessed a human Rights movement exclusive to Black Americans emerge;- after being spat on by a tall white male because I'm Hapa-Asian American. And after seeing videos of people attacking petite Asian-American women in the USA. Why Asia should continue to do business with the USA? USA's human rights movement projected that it is biased to larger populations of "minorities". 

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