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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Psychosocial corrosion vs. Abolitionists

Abolitionists are needed to preserve human rights.

By Angela M. Kneale

Human systems of psychosocial behavior were gamed out at the inception of international, illegal, covert, and non-consensual behavioral torture projects. MKultra and Project Paperclip began in the 1940's well into the present-day implementation of project Stargate and 5G technologies. 

We are at a point in human history where the New World Order occultists believe in the re-implementation of a GOD deity based human society with a salvation paradigm. Built upon the predominant psychosocial fears, this may maintain some majority order to the large population. The manipulation of this psycho-social spiritual and material salvation is already the driving force behind new terrorist cells, revolutions, upheavals, and other societal outbreaks. Though this salvation paradigm or authoritarianism has proven effective, it historically is disseminated by all atrocious and utilitarian constructs of human sin, debauchery, and sadism, with accompanying naivete. 


Authoritarianism is the vehicle for systems failures.

There is a narrow spectrum of torture that has a match of opposing forces within human rights. Depictions of normative, desensitized torture in movies and media normalize the psychosocial dynamic of accepted criminal ingenuity in human life as an end lost in the recesses of the MSM's daily existence. In reality, most human beings wail after receiving a mosquito bite and perceive magnanimous torture as pleasurable circumstances attained by sanctioned and subversive gladiator state actors. 

Torture is reserved for men and agents. Women are addressed as convenient domestic violence cases that create a large category of sexism, mutilation, and social punishment.

 Thus, interested parties implement torture as a remedy or tool to exploit psychosocial common denominators among the masses with authoritarian utility.  Torture is thus used to establish the standard operating procedure for gaming the systems which govern human beings. Those endowed with admirable positions of distinct socio-economic and socio-political effects have entitlement to ensure their individual expressive freedoms go unchecked. Those who are compassionate are too blessed with such a stance by being exclusively admired on the international stage. The international stage exists as a socio-political and economic bubble of idealistic and fair attributes that are unimpeded by collateral damages of individual interactions within the entirety of the human population. However, acting locally has proven to be a faulty paradigm of psychosocial fairness that has ramifications globally. And, it in itself is incredibly shortsighted and irresponsible.

Leaders on the international stage should promote the most well thought out plan to the public with transparency. Perfect conceptual bubbles have many corrosive and negative impacts due to generalizations;- and also conceal authoritarian agendas.

Living stipends, in their various forms of human necessities, that uphold reasonable life are weighed against the clock. And the perception of what a reasonable life is has shifted since the industrial revolutions.  Collateral damages and overall environmental impact of intelligence agencies, the defense industry, and the open environment of experimentation done by the public at large, have no boundaries.

Human life has been equated to consumer products and productivity for material gain. There is an imbalance in Human beings with exceptional skills versus the industry output of current and future waste products in the supply chain.

Even critical minerals are covertly traded by aspiring networks of individuals and state actors. Human inspiration and creativity, in concert at all levels, have not factored in a baseline standard of earth's environments to which all life on earth is entitled. There is no formal global environmental impact statement for intelligence agencies and the collective sum of their actions and interactions. 


Intelligence Agencies target individuals to gain access to nations for mining strategic and critical minerals that are used in everyday electronics to defense technologies used in warfare and genocide. This affects the global supply chain, products brought to market, etc. When they torture an individual there is socio-economic. socio-political, and environmental collateral damage across generations. They are not being held accountable with this broad impact in mind. 

In October 2019, I came across an unsigned music educational contract loosely connected to a defense industry giant that asserted ownership of my Intellectual Property for having merely nteracted with me. I found this to be quite astonishing amidst other suspicious andtechnically demanding language that could cover for fMRI type brain scans and software or ai development they could relate to typical analysis of the impacts of music on the human brain. 

Today, more than ever;- torture, cyber-torture, and all other subcategories of human rights violations are challenged to stay abreast of the ever-changing and dynamic course of disasters. Yet, convenience to the powers that be to implement an organized effort to reestablish order as a saving grace to damages that they may have initiated.

The Defense industry, with its opulence, is now funds schools, universities, and tfaculty alike.  They do funding diretly and indirectly. However there are hidden intentions they assert as an authoritarian dominance in the simple contracts. And, there are no courts or lawyers currently able to challenge them as they have a sign it or shut the door policy. Some of these contracts are written intentionally to exploit the basic human rights needs of individuals.   

Human inspiration and creativity not only supersedes but rather can negate the time each life and living ecosystem has to exist. Where there was once growth and decreased mortality, there is now a pronounced effect of rapid mortality among all species. Thus, torture as a psycho-social dynamic is reliant upon knowledge of how these systems can be manipulated to maintain power. 
Fear, fear itself, is imperceptible to those earthly citizens who are overwhelmed with other basic survival instincts as an independent social dynamic. And, in the midst of disaster, the essence of admirable compassion is being rediscovered.  Corrosive psychosocial dynamics are built like defective clones and not garnered from the biological existence of human voting stock.   


Abolitionists are needed now, more than ever to break free from corroded psychosocial dynamics. Do not allow the Authoritarians to regain control after the disasters. 

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