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Sunday, May 8, 2022

going through more targeting

While yours truly hates being targeted, I am being targeted while creating summer T-shirt and merch for campaigns.

Not only did we discuss ordering some meeting shirts for in person meetings. But the PA based supplier deleted the shirt and also took the color out of stock. It also took 12 hrs to put a text only shirt in the design.
So not only now are my phone and computer hacked and our campaign merch is trashed. But the house network has locked others out of their computers.

So we are going to have to abandon the shirt plan for a 3rd or 4th time here on the East Coast. And one Vegan Areal'rs request now makes sense to me. Not understanding that they couldn't order a shirt from VT because the merch was taken down by the PA company from the internal account page. 
And no other supplier stocks both the font or a close font and also the shirt.
I downloaded the font file. But am having issues formatting it in Adobe and Canva from my phone. 16 entire lower case letters is too problematic for these online retailers.

Frustration has maxed in a bad way.
Back to black ink on white hand painted punk sh*t and recounting the excess of a 5'*5' box of Hanes Beefy tees that we snuck up and made dye sub transfers for with a pro heat press back in the 90s. Commercial Tye dyer help and then early 2000s silk screen and puffy paint.

DoD is annoying surveillance has trashed alot here in PA.

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