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Saturday, July 9, 2022

The Antiquated Arctic

Grainy green ombre skies are saturated with methane gas emerging from the melt.
 The Arctic is barely going to see us through this decade according to new reports. 

Climate shift. Climate imbalances. Climate catastrophe. We are at the dawn of a mass extinction that will close out this decade.

Every free form microscopic interaction is halting its life functions. 
     One of the abstract Hawaiian sunsets I captured 

Nano particles and poisonous PFAS disrupt more biological processes every lifeform needs to fuel itself; from plant photosynthesis to human digestion- obstructed by interference from nano particles.

Water is a necessity. Ozone is a necessity. But the nano-particulate matter drifts, expands, and invisibly infiltrates more acreage every hour. 

Please watch the urgent 2021 documentary  "The Dimming"  made a available at GeoEngineeringwatch.org .
And also at: https://youtu.be/rf78rEAJvhY



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