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Cruel and Unusual punishment, Cultural Violations, Human Rights, Language Freedom, Torture Treaty, Electromagnetic Torture, Non-Consensual human Experimentation, Technology, Women.

Disclaimer: This page has links for research and study to what would are personal and private communications to the United Nations treaty bodies. There are no attorneys involved nor do we represent anyone legally. 

What is included are the beginnings of "cutting edge" international law issues, as expressed by a librarian staffer at the Law Library of Congress. And, this www.areal.sproutfuel.com URL was created so that the public researchers and activists can access information without visiting Sproutfuel.com that was submitted as my website to the United Nations.

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In 2019, I did significant research for not only my personal future in the USA.. This ties into the life plans I laid out for my organization while I was training at the University of Montana, Missoula, MT with the GreenCorps long ago in 1996. However, It's unfortunate that I have felt pressed to make my own communications to the United Nations Body.

At Sproutfuel.com there is a page that links to my personal journey in approaching the United Nations in writing. 

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